Think About This: The beginning

Since this is brand spanking new and I don’t even have any followers yet, I am going to keep this “Think About This” running until I have at least 10 followers; so share my blog with your people if you want to move on faster!

The activity for today is a couple simple questions:

How did you find this blog? What is one topic you are most interested in learning more about?


Well, I created this blog because I am constantly amazed at how we interact with each other. Each day it seems to get worse, and even reading a news article on the internet has become a combative experience. I want to do my part to make this world a better place and I just figured I would start here.

I am currently kind of hooked on ancient astronaut theory. I see it as both highly possible, and impossible at the same time, but those folks have some pretty strong arguments for advanced life visiting our planet well before we like to admit.  Giorgio Tsoukalos (the guy from Ancient Aliens with the interesting hair) explains it all here: 

I don’t know that I believe all of what he has to say, but he sure is passionate about it and passion tends to spark interest in others – even if every word out of your mouth is completely false.

Ancient Alien?

8 thoughts on “Think About This: The beginning

  1. The thing I am most interested in learning about is simple, everything. I am excited to see exactly what can come of this. I personally would love a place where I can have open, honest and maybe even inspiring conversations. I find as I get older that it becomes more complicated to find like-minded people to just talk to; I hope that is what I find here.

  2. Do I know you or was I dragged into this whole ‘be tolerant’ because you figured I had a decent beer buzz on and wouldn’t argue? I mean you’re right, we should be tolerant and I do have a beer buzz on so, good job. Anyway I think I know you. That or my internet detective skills aren’t as sharp as I thought.

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