Marijuana: Should it be legal?

During the 2012 elections Colorado and Washington legalized marijuana for recreational use. So far, 18 states have legalized it for medical use.

There are a ton of arguments both for and against legalizing it and it seems as though our country is moving toward legalization and regulation. To me that just makes sense. As someone who used to abuse alcohol I can say that alcohol does far more damage to our bodies and minds than marijuana, but alas, I am not a legislator or a doctor. Of course I am not alone in my thinking, this article highlights some of the common arguments comparing alcohol versus marijuana. It is an obviously biased article toward legalization, but the articles against it are boring and offer less concrete comparisons because they don’t want to just come right out and admit that weed is not really all that bad in comparison.

I will say the the movement to legalize it has much more interesting and fun propaganda (language alert, NSFW):

The majority of people use marijuana in moderation and I feel it is no worse than some of our legal alternatives (caffeine, tobacco, prescription pain killers, alcohol, cough syrup, over-the-counter medicines, bath salts, huffing…). You just don’t see emergency rooms and morgues filled with potheads – just jails. People can and will abuse just about anything, but we don’t make everything illegal. I think it is time to take a ‘greener’ path.

So where do you stand on the issue?

4 thoughts on “Marijuana: Should it be legal?

  1. I don’t use it, but I think it’s much safer than alcohol. I see no reason for it to be illegal … it would bring in more taxes and statistics might improve. It seems to be safer than cigarettes, so … there’s something really stupid going on here.

  2. Yes, it should absolutely be legalized. The Government (I use that term lightly), spends millions of dollars to capture and prosecute people for either carrying, smoking, selling and distributing marijuana. It would make much more sense to legalize and tax it. Millions of people smoke it and the amount of taxes they could collect would pay a huge chunk of our debt.

    The medical benefits are too many to mention but the list is definitely significant in length and meaning. I truly believe that it is the pharmaceutical companies as well as the lobbyists who keep it from becoming legalized. They stand to lose a lot of money when people can replace five to ten pills with just one drug; not to mention it’s a drug with no weird side effects.

    The answer seems so obvious. I think in this case and most cases in Washington, money conquers common sense every day of the week.

    • I totally agree with you Stephanie that it is the pharmaceutical companies that are driving the “keep it illegal” train.

      If people could grow a little plant in their backyard for free that will help with the minor maladies that many of us face daily it could potentially put TUMS out of business and many other OTC treatments.

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