Think About This: The Daily Dose

So I said I would leave the first Daily Dose up until I had ten followers and I now have 13!  By being my first followers you get the great privilege of helping to shape how this blog continues and grows.

So the task for today is to help me with the Daily Dose thing. First of all, I hate calling it that. While I can write for hours and hours, when it comes to naming things I am not the most creative. I had a bird when I was little and I named it “Go-Go” because I liked the Go-Go’s. I also had a rat named “Merle” because it was my Mom’s boyfriends middle name (I must have been fond of him). So anyway you get the point.

The Daily Dose is a crappy unimaginative title that has been overused to the point of annoying the people who use it.

Also, if we rename it, I will have to go back through and edit stuff which will give me valuable practice for future use.

So you know, the goal of this temporarily named segment is to encourage critical thinking, community building, and to help shape our responses from impulse to thoughtful when we communicate online. With all that in mind…

Any ideas?

UPDATE: I changed the Daily Dose to “Think About This” because well, that is what I would like to see happen with this part of the website/blog. Any constructive feedback is still and always appreciated! Enjoy!

2 thoughts on “Think About This: The Daily Dose

    • Including coffee is good. I like coffee. I also like thinking and I like the Packers (but that isn’t what you meant was it? 🙂

      I think I want to leave the word ‘daily’ out of it altogether. The entire site will have new content daily, not always just this part of it. Maybe. Hmmmm…

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