Think About This: Bad Days

So everyone has bad days right? I woke up this morning quite mad and annoyed at something that apparently happened in my dreams, got in a fight with my partner, practically broke my little toe on the couch corner, and broke down in tears for really no reason (at least if I had cried about my toe that would have made sense).

So when I sat down to write today (I had a really good topic in mind) I just wasn’t ‘feeling’ it. “Kitten” and I made up – it really was a silly disagreement that had mainly to do with my crappy attitude when I woke up. Thankfully we don’t ever fight often and when we do it’s short and we solve disagreements quickly. Anyway… I still didn’t feel like writing.

I went back to bed.

After a lengthy nap, I updated the Tolerant People Facebook page which has caused me an unreasonable amount of self induced stress – I mean it is supposed to offer inspirational  positive messages in peoples news feeds to combat the stream of negative crap we usually subject ourselves to. Sounds good right? Some people already don’t think so. 

That’s okay though. I have a goal! I have a dream! I am motivated and tired of living in a negative world! I still don’t feel like writing…

So what do you do when you are just having a bad day and don’t even want to do the things you love? 

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