Local News: Boobs and the Pope

I live in Philadelphia and our local news has gotten to the point where I just scream at the T.V. every morning. I watch NBC 10 News in Philly, and they are obviously changing to accommodate a much younger demographic than me. I used to love the local news. I wake up early – and I turn […]

Dealing with Depression – Conclusion

RELATED POST: Dealing with Depression – An Introduction Initially, I had intended to write about depression in children today but after some thought I have decided to wait on that and maybe cover it in another way entirely in a later post. One of the reasons for this decision is that I don’t have kids. I […]

Dealing with Depression Part 3 – Medication

RELATED POST: Dealing with Depression – An Introduction To medicate or not to medicate – that is the question. There is a lot of research out there about the benefits and downfalls of medications for depression. The key in my opinion is to use the resources available to you to do your own research on medications when your […]

Dealing with Depression Part 2 – Therapy

RELATED POST: Dealing with Depression – An Introduction Now that you all know a little about me and why I am writing this series I wanted to share what I think is the number one way to deal with depression. Therapy. It doesn’t have to be an expensive therapist or an expert on depression – the […]