Random Thoughts

So as I was sitting here this beautiful Saturday morning wondering what I would like to write about today, I realized just how random I am. I mean seriously, my brain is like an ever revolving door and my thoughts are the myriad of people who walk through it. Yesterday I read an article and was thrust into remembering my youth in church and the struggle I faced to reconcile my faith and my sexuality, on another day, I get all excited about science, and yet on another day ninjas and samurais caught my attention.

I guess what I want to say today it that this is not a political or religious blog. It isn’t anything in particular. It merely represents what I happen to feel passionate about on any particular day. Or something that catches my interest. Obviously issues that are important to me will show up with more frequency, but for the most part it is just really really random. That is why I started it though, I think I can’t be the only one who has this revolving door in their head. There must be a bunch of other people who feel passionately about tons of stuff, or want to learn about anything, or want to discuss whatever.

I have this insane desire for people to get along and share their experiences and thoughts in kind and learning ways. Think of my blog like a bar. You walk in, and never know who you will sit next to – you just start a conversation because you are there. The only thing in common is the location, but the conversations are different every time. Maybe, I just really miss going to bars.

So for whatever reasons you  are here, I am glad you came. Hopefully, you will have a few drinks and make some new acquaintances to share your thoughts and experiences with. Or you can sit back and watch as I try and work the room. In any case, thank you for reading and sharing.


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