Are you qualified?


After yesterday’s post Why Soldiers Die for Their Countries (a rebuttal) I received some interesting feedback from readers and friends. Of course, once I realized that the article in question was written by an Evolutionary Psychologist from the London School of Economics (sounds fancy doesn’t it?), I had a moment of doubt. I thought to myself, “You just jumped all over a professional academic person with credentials and Dr. in front of his name!” The doubt though left as soon as it crept in, because really, I am just as qualified to spout my opinions as he is. It isn’t a competition, they are just opposing opinions, and that is what research and science are here for. Anyone can create a hypothesis. Anyone can have theories and share them. Just because  these theories come from ‘educated people’ does not lend them any more merit than mine – until theories can be tested, measured,  and replicated they remain theories- and therefore are open to debate- by anyone.

Who really decides who is qualified or not to examine our culture, behaviors, motivations and ambitions? It is not always the person with the highest amount of student loan debt that makes all of the huge strides in science and theory. A 15 year old recently developed ‘test strips’ to detect pancreatic cancer in its early treatable stages. We aren’t discounting this kid because he is only in high school. He saw a problem, and searched for a solution. He found one. Wow. What would happen to hundreds-of -thousands of people if we had waited to listen to him until he earned his doctorate degree?

So the next time some ‘learned’ person (or anyone else) negates your opinion because of your age, education, gender, religion or any other arbitrary thing – go ahead and stand up for yourself. The only one who suffers if you don’t – is you. 

4 thoughts on “Are you qualified?

  1. I could go on about this topic forever. I question everything and everyone. Wrong? Right? Neither matters to me; what does matter to me is that I question and question until it either makes sense to me or I just can’t find anything to question anymore.
    I have been involved in a personal matter for the past six months; this situation has made it necessary that I see all different types of lawyers and doctors. My problem started because of a doctor. He performed an unnecessary surgery on me in 2009 and it has led to nothing but problem after problem. I blame myself.
    I didn’t ask enough questions, I didn’t demand enough answers. I trusted this man for all the wrong reasons and I am paying for it on a daily basis.
    I have never been intimidated by anyone in my entire life. I am now approaching 40 and I can say that even though my desire to always want to question has gotten me into a lot of trouble through the years; starting with high school and even now in this situation, I don’t regret even one question that I have asked.
    For all I know these doctors graduated with all D grades, these lawyers could have graduated from I couldn’t get in anywhere else so I’m going here University. The diploma hanging on your wall or the debt you owe does not determine your intelligence, your capabilities or your rights; it is your actions as a human being that tells me just how smart you are, how talented you are and how qualified you are.
    For me, I will always be a truth seeker and I will always question everything, not because I feel I have the right to but because it is fact that as human beings we all have the right and the responsibility to question EVERYTHING!
    So I say keep asking questions, keep challenging the “professionals” it is not only our right it is our responsibility to ourselves and our loved ones to make sure that people are doing right by us. Had I questioned more and trusted a little less I wouldn’t be in the predicament that I am in today.

    • Stephanie, I knew this one would touch a nerve with you. I think it should spark something in everyone… we doubt ourselves so much in the face of ‘professionals’ be they doctors, lawyers or college professors. We never graduate or get a degree from our life’s lessons but yet those lessons are why we continue to evolve. “Question everything” should be the world’s mantra.

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