“The Internet is my religion” – Jim Gilliam

Sorry to post another religious themed blog so close to the last installment, but I just watched a video of a man who said basically everything I feel about the Internet, God, and Humanity and the inter-contentedness of all three. So really, this isn’t about religion, it is about people, and for the first time ever, I think I listened to someone articulate just how awesome we people can be when we connect.

If you are a church goer, you know the feeling. You sit down for yet another sermon, maybe you are thinking about your finances, your family, or our government – your mind might not be on your Pastor or Priest, but then they start giving their sermon and you hear a couple of critical words and all of a sudden; it sounds as if they are speaking directly to you. Like they got in your head somehow and just knew what you needed to hear that day – so you tune in. You listen.

I watch HUNDREDS of videos online. Sometimes I pay close attention and other times my mind wanders. Today though, I watched a video that spoke to me. It spoke to my goals, the activist in me, and the enduring faith that I have in the human race. It spoke to the understanding that I have always had about God and that is; when we join together, nothing can stop us, when we join together God manifests between us. It spoke to this tool I use everyday to learn new things, meet new people, and share my experience with whoever needs or wants to hear it. This guy, who I have never heard of, just said everything that I have felt for years but my story is much less dramatic.

His story in itself is amazing. He sums up a lifetime in about 12 minutes. A lifetime that is only possible because of the Internet. So does God use the Internet? I think so. Miracles are made into reality through bringing people – strangers- together. That is where God lives- within us, between us – when we join together that power is real. If you don’t believe in God, that’s okay too – it doesn’t take away the truth that when people band together anything is possible. So call it what you will, there is real power when people join together and the Internet allows us to do that in ways we never before imagined.

His story reminds me of the joke about miracles:

A religious man is on top of a roof during a great flood. A man comes by in a boat and says “get in, get in!” The religious man replies, ” no I have faith in God, he will grant me a miracle.”

Later the water is up to his waist and another boat comes by and the guy tells him to get in again. He responds that he has faith in god and god will give him a miracle. With the water at about chest high, another boat comes to rescue him, but he turns down the offer again cause “God will grant him a miracle.”

With the water at chin high, a helicopter throws down a ladder and they tell him to get in, mumbling with the water in his mouth, he again turns down the request for help for the faith of God. He arrives at the gates of heaven with broken faith and says to Peter, I thought God would grand me a miracle and I have been let down.” St. Peter chuckles and responds, “I don’t know what you’re complaining about, we sent you three boats and a helicopter.”

For Mr. Gilliam, God sent a bone marrow donor, and a double lung donation so he could live; all made possible by the Internet and the people being connected through it. He accepted that help when it was offered to him instead of saying. “that is just a stranger – God will save me”, that is pretty powerful stuff in my opinion.

So here is the video. If you are an Internet nerd like me, if you think about our contentedness as a human race as the manifestation of God, and you want to feel inspired by the power of people when they come together – listen to this mans story.

“I have faith in people

I believe in God

and the Internet is my religion”

– Jim Gilliam

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