Think About This: Coming up on Tolerant People

“So I’ve been thinking…” is as dangerous for me as “here hold my beer and watch this!” Right now I have several things I am planning to write about:


1. Another Doctor wrote another article claiming that woman have ruined the military (this guy though is from Israel and about half of the Israeli army are women because it is compulsory service for ALL Israeli citizens). Israel has one of the most kick-ass armies in the world. Also IDF women are super hot. While waiting for my article on the subject you can go look at their Facebook page: Israel Defense Forces (women). Boobs and guns. Yes.

dog meat

2. I want to write a blog about being a good tourist. I’ve been to many places, and the common theme is that no matter where you go, some jack-ass American will be there trying to ruin everything because things are different than in America. Here is a short list to get you all started:  12 Tips for Americans

Xena and Bibi

Xena and Bibi

3. Our dogs are the best dogs ever and I want to share them with you. Also – stuff about pets in general, like how they make us better people, improve our health, understand and empathize with our moods, and what T.V. shows they like.

Italian men

4. The linguistics of racism in America. I have to figure out how to write this without sounding racist myself. I consider it a challenge. It is hard to have an opinion on something like this – even when it comes from a place of reconciliation and a true desire for an end to hating for the purpose of hating, and separating ourselves from one another because of the words we use. In my opinion, people aren’t really racist (well some are), most people though are simply misinformed or live in a small culture bubble so they just don’t understand why Italian men wear skinny jeans and all seem gay.

This was taken at Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan. The ladies of the “Red Hat Society” threw us a wonderful tea party.

5. Random stuff about me. I figure if I just keep writing stuff about me, someone will come along and help me put it all together for that autobiography people keep saying I should write. Also – pink hats and chair ponies are great stress relievers.

6. Any other random stuff that happens to catch my interest or topics that people ask me to write about. Religion, Spirituality, Politics, Science, Education, Communication, TOLERANCE! You know – whatever.

Do you have a topic you would like to read about on here? Have any questions for me now that you are getting to know a little about me? Do you need a hug?

Share your thoughts!

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