Thank You!

smileWOW! Yesterday my little blog had 92 views and 71 unique visitors! That is a huge jump from my previous best of 47 and I only had that many because my friend Todd at added me to his blogroll. As I said before, the Stats page makes me a little giddy and yesterday I think I wore out the stats button.

THANK YOU to everyone of you who has taken the time to view and read my posts. I am truly glad that you find them interesting enough to spend some time on. Also – people seem to really like the rebuttals.

I will be out of town tomorrow for a job interview (wish me luck) – so I figured I would post a couple of previous posts you may have missed to read while I am gone:

I am a Fashion Nightmare

Think About This: Posting Online (Part 2)

Gays, Lesbians, and God – Oh My!

Think About This: E-Books Versus ‘Real’ Books

Facebook demands – “Like and share this or you are a horrible person”

Online Education and For-Profit Universities

Again, thank you for all the likes, shares, and views! Keep ’em coming. Don’t forget, we also have a Facebook page:

Tolerant People on Facebook

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