Tolerant People is One Month Old Today!

When I started this blog I did so out of a desire to write and communicate. I also have this lofty goal to teach people how to communicate online without being complete jerks. Now the writing and communicating part is easy – the teaching people not to be jerks is much much harder. I still have faith though, that if more people share their thoughts with compassion, kindness and logic that we can as a community make it more common to speak kindly to one another than to hurl insults. Like any other habit we adopt – it takes serious commitment to change it. I am willing to practice – I am certainly not there yet. I am an emotional fire-ball. Checking that emotion and practicing tolerance even when I am pissed off is one of the most difficult things I have had to learn to do. As my therapist says, “It is a practice.”

So on January 12th 2013 – I decided to take action. I decided that if everyone just sits behind their computer screens and says to themselves, “Why are people so mean?” that I would try and provide a place to change that. I want people to get upset that people are Internet jerks, then say to themselves, “Well I am going to over to Tolerant People and have a decent conversation about stuff.” Those conversations aren’t happening here yet – so far – it is pretty much me talking to myself. I hope that as time goes by, you guys will decide to share your experiences here and have some conversations. My stats page that I am currently addicted to says that you are here – I see you and your clicks – but how can I engage you better where you will want to share your opinions, support, questions – in the comments? Let me know.

January 12th is also my Mom’s birthday. My Mom passed away from colon cancer 14 years ago. In some ways, this little blog is an homage to her. She always believed in me, even if my ideas were complete nonsense. That’s what Moms are for I think, and I really miss that unyielding support, and the encouragement that I can do anything I want. Though my Mom is no longer here to wipe my tears, encourage my creativity, or provide that ‘tough realistic’ feedback in a positive way – Thankfully, I now have my partner Stephanie who encourages and supports me everyday. Having someone in your life who believes in you and your dreams is a priceless gift, so if you have someone in your life that does that for you – go give them and hug and say Thank You.

Again, thank you for reading my posts. If you enjoy them, go ahead and say something. If you disagree with them, go ahead and say something there too. I can hack it. As my recent posts about the Military have shown – my views are REALLY unpopular apparently – though no one said that here – they just said it everywhere else. I would like for people to start telling me what they think here so I don’t have to search the entire Internet for insults or praise for what I have written. I enjoy both the positive and negative feedback – it make me a better writer and teaches me to react and respond with logic and kindness rather than anger and bouts of depression. “It’s a practice.”

For one whole month, I would say this is doing pretty well. I enjoy getting up in the mornings and writing out my thoughts and sharing them with people. I have ignored the rules about blogging at certain times of the day to encourage more traffic – I write most of my stuff between 4am and 8am. According the blogging rules I should wait to post until around 4pm. I can’t wait that long.  🙂

Anyway – thanks again for being here. Hopefully, I will write something someday that touches you or teaches you and you feel compelled to share why with me.  Until then – I am just going to keep writing. I also want to give a HUGE thank you to those who have written in – you guys help make this a blog a community rather than some weird personal journal.

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