So I lied – sort of

My interview that was supposed to be on Monday was rescheduled to today. So… this is the post for today:

Have a super groovy wonderful day! I may write a little something about how annoying job interviews are once I get home today. The interview is 2 1/2 hours from my home, so you know, I’ll have lots of time to question myself, think of that one awesome answer I COULD have given, or be convinced that I did so well they would be crazy to not offer me a job! We shall see!

Seriously though – have a great day!

Update: Job interview went well I think. However, working there would be a logistical nightmare. I assumed that there would be a commuter train or something between Philly and Gettysburg. You know what? There isn’t one. Seriously  when people visit PA they want to see Philly and they want to see Gettysburg – WHY would there be no train to link the two? So anyway, even if they offered me the job, I have no idea how I would make that work.  😦  If it’s meant to be, a solution will present itself. If not – I got some much needed interview practice. 

Share your thoughts!

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