Paranormal Activity – Do you believe?

A (supposed) photo of a Shadow Man

A (supposed) photo of a Shadow Man

I have to honestly say that I am on the fence on this subject. It doesn’t stop me from watching all the faked up shows like Ghost Adventures (Zak is a moron), Dead Files (Amy freaks me out), and Ghost Hunters (Just some plumbers wandering around in the dark). Aside from the T.V. shows and different theories as to what ghosts, demons, angels, orbs, aliens, etc. actually are vary depending on who you talk to. Some of it I believe and obviously some of it is a bunch of bunk.

I do think that our brains are powerful enough to trick us, and I also believe that we as human beings have a very real ‘sixth sense’ that most of us don’t know how to tap into. The thought of Mediums and Psychics fascinate me; to think that someone has actually tuned into the ability to see ‘beyond’ or whatever – but I don’t know that I believe it all. I really want to though. I think it would be awesome to see science definitively prove that some of this stuff is real (in some areas it actually has).

When I was young I had several ‘experiences’ that I can’t explain. I remember one time when I was probably about 8 or 9 I was staying at my Grandparents house. I was always scared to sleep there with the lights off (it was never a problem at home) because when I would try and sleep I would ‘see things’. One of the things I saw I can only describe as a shadow dinosaur. It was dark, large, and had a long neck, and hovered over my grandmothers bed while she was sleeping. Now, I can chalk that up to a young girls fears of the dark ‘creating’ images from my very overactive imagination. I will say this though – the fear I felt was real. I can’t explain it, but I am now 40 and remember that like it was last week.

Another incident at my Grandparents house was when I was laying in bed and it started to shake. I got scared and called out to my Grandmother convinced that something was under my bed. My grandma being awesome – went and got a broom to ‘shoo’ whatever it was out from under the bed for me. When she swept the broom under the bed I saw two black eel like things shoot out from under the bed and go into another room. I freaked out. Of course my Grandma didn’t see anything – but again, I remember it so clearly even today that it still scares me a little to think about it.

Now I have no idea what these things actually were. If they were real or just my imagination – or if it was a little of both. The older I got, the less frequent these ‘experiences’ became. I had a few things happen in my teens that seriously scared the living hell out of me. I have had some ghost type experiences in my adult life – but again – I have a VERY active imagination and I am also often a lucid dreamer so sometimes I wake up sure that a dream was real.

Because I have had these experiences I don’t ever write off someone who says they have seen a ghost, or experience some sort of paranormal activity – however I do think that a lot of it can be accounted for by the fact that our brains are the most powerful and misunderstood organs in our bodies and that they are capable of ‘doing’ things we aren’t aware of.

There is also the part of me that wants to believe in ghosts because I miss my Mom. She hasn’t visited me to my knowledge – but when I hear people talk about experiences where deceased loved ones reveal themselves I get a little jealous and wonder why the hell my Mom hasn’t come to say hello. Of course, if she did I would probably pee myself. So you know – be careful what you wish for I guess. Every culture on our planet has some sort of belief in either spirit guides, ancestral guides, things generally beyond our normal conciseness and many very ‘normal’ people have experiences they can’t explain. So many people and cultures can’t all be making stuff up – the trick is to find the real answers.

Do you believe in ghosts or other entities’? Have you ever had an experience you can’t explain? 

3 thoughts on “Paranormal Activity – Do you believe?

  1. Yes and yes.
    Silly to think that what we can’t measure or explain doesn’t exist. Try to explain and measure love.
    Crushing that the whole world experiences, yet pretending we aren’t sure if we believe is the only socially acceptable way to engage in the obvious.

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