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I never really have a lack of things I want to write about and share with you good people. I simply have trouble deciding which subject to tackle, or if I should tell you more about me, or if  I should dole out advice from the many, many bad decisions I have made in my life, to what was on the news this AM.

It’s hard being passionate about everything. Sometimes, I can’t stand that I have an opinion on everything. Everything is a lot of stuff. I have decided that Sunday’s are going to be dedicated to the random crap I have thought about the rest of the week but didn’t choose to write about. Think of it as a weekly ‘stream of consciousness’ writing.

So I’ve been thinking about this stuff:

The Pope quit. I think that is just outstanding. No really. Not because I don’t like the guy, but it takes some serious chutzpah to buck the traditions of the Catholic Church – especially when you are in charge of it. Regardless of his reasons, for the first time in 700+ years, I think the highest ranked person in the church made a decision that allows his organization to move on. I wrote previously in Gays, Lesbians, and God – Oh My! about the evangelical churches shifting positions on homosexuality and I see the Popes decision to quit his post as yet another opportunity for the Catholic church to get on board with the 21st Century. Society is changing like it or not, and they need to respond to it or become obsolete. Let’s hope they make a wise choice not only for the church, but for the society they say they serve. I am not just talking about homosexuals here; the Catholics need to come around on a lot of other stuff with straight people before they start with the gays. Though – if they take this opportunity to revamp the entire thing you won’t hear me complain.

The Carnival Cruise Ship DISASTER! Another blogger I follow wrote about the whole thing in this article: What’s that smell?. I happen to agree with his assessment of the entire situation. As Americans we are spoiled rotten. Being left without a toilet for 36 hours is traumatic for many no doubt, but it is not the disaster that the media would have us believe. If I was a passenger on that cruise I would absolutely be pissed. I would be angry. Being trapped on a boat with 4000 hot, bitchy people would push me to the edge of sanity; however, I have seen much worse in my life. I guess I have some perspective that many people don’t have because of the amount of traveling I have done, and the places I have seen on deployments, and just growing up poor. A few days without a toilet would rank pretty low on my OMG! scale. I blame the 24 hour news cycle. Someday soon, I will write about my media views, but this is a prime example of making a mountain out of a molehill. I am glad everyone got off safely, and I am truly sorry that they thought they were going on a fun relaxing vacation and that got ruined for them – but seriously, it could always be much, much worse.

Politically, I lean left. I need a new party though. I don’t want to be a Democrat and I don’t understand how any woman can be a Republican right now. I want to start the “Common Sense” party. I think I would get a large following pretty fast if I could pitch it right. You know – we would do what is right both fiscally and socially. There IS a balance to be had there somewhere, we just have to seriously look at who we send to do these jobs for us. I don’t have all the answers, I just know that things need to change fast or our country is going to fall apart. The media isn’t helping at all. I’ll write more about my political views when I have the energy for the potential backlash. I love my country and our political climate makes me genuinely sad. We really are the greatest country in the world (theoretically) and we really need to start acting like it.

I am pissed that Ted Nugent got to go to the State of the Union Address. Actually, to be truthful, I am jealous. I want to go. I didn’t shit in my pants to avoid service to my country, nor have I ever threatened the President with violence – yet I will never be invited to an event at the White House. I am not going to get into a 2nd Amendment argument here, I am simply talking about who gets rewarded in our country and who doesn’t. It seems these days, the crazier you behave, the more you are rewarded for it. When the hell did that happen?

One last thing. Can you guys do me a favor and click on those ‘like and share’ buttons every once in a while? You can do it from Facebook if that is where you are accessing this from.  If I am going to make this writing thing work, I obviously need to build an audience and I need your help to do it! So if you are reading, and you like my stuff, share it with your people. I can’t afford ads or an expensive social media guru to push my ramblings – all I have is you good people. 








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