10 Home Remedies for Flu Symptoms

After being out of commission for the last couple of days I was thinking about what a giant baby I am when I don’t feel good. I don’t deal with being sick very well and as my partner will tell you, I get painfully whiny. Thank goodness I am spending my life with someone who tolerates it and supplies me with medicine, tea, toast and lots and lots of love to help me get back on my feet!

There are always a ton of different remedies for any ailment we may come down with. Some people choose home remedies, natural supplements, over-the-counter medicines; and then there are those who just ignore being sick and push through it.

This being the tail end of flu season, here are 10 Home Remedies for Flu Symptoms brought to you by WebMD.

What do you do when you are sick to feel better? Are you a big baby when you are sick or do your tough it out? 

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