Local News: Boobs and the Pope

I live in Philadelphia and our local news has gotten to the point where I just scream at the T.V. every morning. I watch NBC 10 News in Philly, and they are obviously changing to accommodate a much younger demographic than me. I used to love the local news. I wake up early – and I turn the news on and leave it there even when I have to hear the same 2 stories every 15 minutes for about 3 hours until the Today Show comes on. I have no idea why I don’t just change the channel – I am just oddly drawn to watching the new young anchor Keith Jones stumble over his words and fail at every joke he tries to tell.

Lori and Keith

Keith Jones and Lori Wilson

The team of Lori and Keith is just hours and hours of fail. It was worse however when it was Lori and another girl – who I have blocked from my memory. Here are some tidbits from this mornings news:

While reporting on the Pope – “The Pope is meeting with all of the Cardinals individually. We are watching him [the pope] as he takes the hands of the Cardinals; some only one hand, while others both hands.” You know – that is what I am most interested in at 5am – whether or not the Pope shakes both hands or just one… I care about that so much I would like them to comment on it every 4 minutes between the weather and traffic.

Talking to the reporter in Rome – “What is the Pope taking from his Vatican residence?” My response to this if I was the reporter in Rome would have been something like this – “Well Lori, he wants his bag of Cheetos that he hasn’t had time to finish and his Tuesday underwear – they are his favorites.”

The other change NBC 10 has made is the new Meteorologist Sheena Parveen. I’ll admit it. She has great boobs. NBC 10 apparently wanted to improve their ratings for certain demographics like this young man:

I love your 'weather'

He got to talk to Sheena, and all he could say was, “I love your…weather.”

He had probably never watched the weather report until Sheena Parveen showed up. This is Sheena:


She reports the weather with her boobs. Seriously.

Sheena has assets. In her defense – she might be a good meteorologist too, but I don’t really listen to her because I am too busy watching her point towards NYC with her boobs.

All I really wanted to know this morning was if the Flyers won the game last night. I had to look it up on the Internet because apparently Local news, isn’t a priority for our local news channel. Also, for some reason, NBC 10 hates the Flyers, but that might just be a post for another day.

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