The joys of being “Freshly Pressed”

When I started this blog I wanted to create a space where people could talk about the issues we face as a human community in ways that promote learning and tolerance. Some people said it couldn’t be done. Trolls, anonymity, or just passion can lead to the disintegration of any conversation (especially online). I thought though, […]

The Caturday Phenomenon

  I will admit it. I love all the cat memes. I am allergic to cats, but I think they are the most hilarious indifferent animals we humans invite into our lives. Maybe that is why they are so fascinating to people. Obviously, at some point cats decided to hang out with us and we liked them […]

Mandatory Sentencing and the War on Drugs

  I am originally from California and I remember when the “Three Strikes” law was passed 18 years ago to lock people up and throw away the key for the conviction of “habitual offenders.” The original intent of the law was to get drug dealers off the streets, but what happened was people who bounced three checks […]

C’mon Spring! I want to garden!

There are two things I always wanted to have in my life. One of them is dogs, and the other is a garden. Growing up, we didn’t have money for a dog, and living in an apartment for most of my life, we didn’t have the opportunity to plant a garden. Last year I finally […]

Self Promotion Etiquette

So as our communications change with all this social media we have an abundance of opportunities to share our views, ideas, and projects. The way to get the most visibility? Post your stuff everywhere. When does posting your stuff everywhere become spam though? Here are my thoughts and how I try to spread my blog and Facebook […]