Think about This: Wealth beyond your wildest dreams!

Just when my money woes are coming to a head, a miracle happened! The FBI figured out that I had been DECEIVED by IMPOSTORS and they want to return my ATM card loaded with $8,000,000! I knew that those Nigerian emails were a scam, but this… this is from the FBI! I only have to pay a $325 fee to get it!
No really. Just kidding. I find it amazing that there are really people who fall for this:
This is to officially inform you that it has come to our notice as we had thoroughly completed an Investigation with the help of our Intelligence Monitoring Network System, which report confirmation stated that there are illegal transactions with you and some Impostors claiming to be Prof. Charles C. Soludo of the Central Bank Of Nigeria, Mr. Patrick Aziza, others are officials in Banks such as Oceanic Bank, Zenith Bank with other banks listed in our report, while some impostors claimed to be Federal Bureau Of Investigation Agents, and E.F.C.C Agent and ICPC Agent. Meanwhile, during our Investigation FBI realized the reason why you have not received your payment because you are been deceived by these imposters.
Moreover, we notice that you have not fulfilled your Financial Obligation in respect of your Contract/Inheritance Payment. Based on that FBI has contacted the Federal Ministry of Finance FMF on your behalf and they have brought a solution to your problem by coordinating your payment in the total amount of USD 8,000,000.00  which has been programmed with an ATM CARD, which you can use to withdraw your funds anywhere in the world. You now have the lawful right to claim your funds which has been programmed with ATM CARD.
With the Federal Bureau of Investigation involvement in this transaction, you are now be rest assured that this transaction is legitimate and completely risk-free, our duty is to Protect and Serve citizens of United States and other part of the world. Now I advise you to contact the ATM CARD CENTER via E-mail for instructions on how to procure your Approval Slip, which contains details on how to receive and activate your ATM CARD for immediate use of your funds being paid to you through ATM CARD. We have confirmed that the amount required to procure the Approval Slip will cost you a total sum of 325 USD which will be paid directly to the ATM CARD CENTER , Via Gram. Below you shall find contact details of the Agent whom will process your transaction from Federal Minister of Finance:
Contact Mr. Paul Smith of the ATM Card Centre with your information as follows:
Full Name:
Mailing Address:
Direct Phone / Mobile Number:
Current Occupation and Your Age:
Once you have sent the required information to Mr. Paul Smith he will contact you with instructions on how to make the payment of 325 USD for the Approval Slip after which he will proceed towards delivery of the ATM CARD without any further delay. You are hereby been authorized/guaranteed by the Federal Bureau Of Investigation to commence towards completing this transaction, as there shall be NO delay once payment for the Approval Slip has been made to the authorized agent.
Once you have completed payment of USD 325 to the agent in charge of this transaction, immediately contact us back for more investigation for conformation of your ATM card. The both offices are working 24hours to get this project complete.
Robert S Mueller,
Executive Director,
Federal Bureau Investigation, FBI
I honestly do not understand what makes people fall for these scams. As much as I would LOVE for money to fall into my lap out of nowhere, without any effort on my part, with no strings attached; I know that to actually have that happen would be about as possible as me wishing myself to Mars.
The targets of these scams are often young people (parents – watch your kids online) and the elderly (kids – watch your parents online).  The other targets are people like me with money problems looking for that quick, no effort solution (if you fall for this you deserve to lose $325). There is no quick, no effort solution. Even winning the lottery requires that you buy a ticket.
What scams have found their way into your email inbox? Do you know someone who fell for a scam like this? 

Share your thoughts!

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