Nosiness CAN Stop Bullying (#335)

Another Blog I follow posted this article about bullying and what I see as another valuable point about how to combat the bullies. Many people (and kids in schools) will say that they don’t want to get involved in others business – but it is exactly that attitude that has made our society an unsafe place both physically and emotionally. If more people got involved when they witness any type of bullying or injustice maybe people would start thinking twice before engaging in such activities.

Sweet Mother

I’ve been thinking about something for a while.  I’ve even mentioned it on a couple of your blogs.  When I was in high school they had something called the, “peer counseling program.”  Basically, teachers selected a cross-section of “influencers” from every clique or sphere in the school.  There were members from the ‘jocks’ clique, the ‘burnouts,’ the smart ‘nerds,’ the ‘drama gleeks’ – you name the group and they were represented.  I was in this program.  What the teachers then did was they taught us actionable ways to stop bullying and dispel myths.  Our biggest task was to go down into the grade school and teach the 12 year olds and under what “junior high would be like.”  At the time there were rumors that you’d get to junior high and someone would try to sell you a “pool pass.”  Trouble is there wasn’t any pool.  We were there to…

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