I’m late and uninspired…


I won’t even blame daylight savings time. I just didn’t feel like writing this morning. The sickness I had about a month ago is lingering. By lingering; I think it’s gone and them BAM, I feel like crap again. I am also stressing over employment today. There is a job fair on Thursday I am planning on attending but to be honest I am not that excited about it. Networking networking…..

So to avoid complaining about being jobless and broke or feeling a little under the weather I just avoided posting at all! Makes perfect sense doesn’t it?

I went and took a nice nap thinking that might inspire something in me; but it didn’t really.  So here I sit, staring at this post like it has eight heads and a blessing of unicorns just waiting for me to write something at least mildly entertaining. Nothing.

We are having pot roast for dinner and the smell is distracting me.

Did you know the cursor blinks 57 times a minute?

So eh, what are you guys doing today?

2 thoughts on “I’m late and uninspired…

  1. Hahahaha! Some days just stink too, so you shouldn’t have to write. I enjoyed this entry and it made me laugh. Thanks, and I hope that you’re feeling better. I am still not 100%, but I have a couple of 5Ks coming up, so here’s to pretending!

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