How can we change American politics?


This is a serious question. I don’t understand America these days. While politics is always a touchy subject and I realize we are all entitled to our opinions, I don’t understand how Americans can allow the stuff that is going on in the highest levels of our State and Federal governments.

I am not talking about certain issues like gun control, reproductive rights or marriage equality. Those issues will work themselves out as the people demand – it just depends on who demands the loudest and who has the most money. Is that not the crux of the problem though? Money?

I can realize and accept that my perception here is limited. I don’t understand the ins and outs of politics, I can only try and expand my knowledge and continue to learn more so that I can be an active and productive voice in my country. My mind is not set and probably never will be. I am open to views that disagree with my own and I love to engage in conversations about issues that face us today. I listen to the opposing side, but when the opposing side says ridiculous things – I just can’t comprehend how people fall for it. I don’t understand how in this age of information that so many people – in our highest elected offices – can remain so ignorant on things like science and facts.

We all know about the Republicans during the election and the “rape comments” from various candidates. I can understand some uneducated person believing that rape can’t result in pregnancy – but I expect a view like that to come from someone who dropped out of school in 7th grade – not from people with Ivy League degrees, and trying to run our country. Obviously the election results proved that the majority of Americans don’t believe this stuff, but still – how did we let these people run in the first place? Don’t we have a country full of educated caring people we could put into these positions? Why don’t we elect them instead of listening to debates filled with lies and scare tactics? Why don’t we set up some new rules for running for congress? Did you know there is no education requirement to run? I need a HS diploma or GED to work at McDonald’s – but if I want to run for Congress as a drop out I can do that and possibly be elected President of the United States. Does that make any sense to anyone? Why on earth would we want uneducated people running our country? Can someone explain that to me? Why can a congressperson sit there for life but other offices have term limits? Why not have term limits on everything so that our elected offices evolve with our country instead of a bunch of old power corrupt uneducated people sitting there forever keeping our country at a stand still? I just don’t get it.

Everything is so far left or so far right that we have forgotten the middle. I am going to go out on a limb here and say that most Americans actually sit somewhere in the middle. I know very few far left or far right people. It is a true reflection of the few representing the many. Those of us in the middle don’t offer the polarizing effect needed for campaigning I think. The extremists seem to have all the cash and they throw it around mercilessly. We could have taken all the 2012 election money and put a serious dent in the deficit, or fed a bunch of people, or provided housing, or bought books for schools. Instead we saw all this money spent on saying “I’m right, He’s wrong” with absolutely NOTHING to show for it. It makes me sad really.

Is there a reasonable way to take money out of politics? I think that would solve a lot of problems. Term and spending limits. Again, I am not savvy enough about politics to offer a concrete plan, but someone out there must be able to come up with something that works. Democracy is a living thing and to stifle something so grand by limiting it to money just makes no sense to me.  There are some great people running for public office that will never see the light of day because they are barred from national debates (any third party candidates), and/or don’t have the cash to make it to a national stage. How many great leaders have we missed out on by ignoring them because they didn’t have the money to compete?

This deadlock in our government should be a wake up call to Americans. The system as it is now isn’t working. Instead of focusing on Red and Blue – maybe Purple should be the new normal. Maybe we don’t need colors at all – we just need good people in our public offices that have the concerns of the American people in mind. Once they are there – we have to hold them accountable. Right now – there is no accountability for those in power. Power corrupts and the longer someone has it, the more corrupt they become. It’s human nature. Term limits would solve some of that I think.

Am I crazy? Does any of this make sense? How can we the people change our government so that it truly represents the majority?


4 thoughts on “How can we change American politics?

  1. I think the answer is quite simple. The actions needed to achieve that simple answer are where the problem comes in.
    The answer: the Government needs to be changed completely from the top on down. Or I should say from the PEOPLE (us) up.
    The first thing to get rid of which would be the easiest is lobbyists. All lobbyists really do is legalized bribing. It is an unnecessary and the most counter productive part of our Government.
    The next thing to go should be term limitations, we need some. I agree that nobody should be able to stay in a public service position for more than two terms.
    Third, when these terms are up these people should reenter the work force just like anyone else. What people (politicians) in Washington forget and forget quickly is that they are PUBLIC SERVANTS and nothing more. I don’t know where their sense of entitlement came from but somebody needs to squash it. They should put money into social security and have the same type of retirement options that ALL Government employees have. The fact that they get their salaries for the rest of their lives is ridiculous and extremely unfair and again counter productive.
    And last but not least they need to do away with “charities”, “fund raising” and all the other lies they come up with to launder money from one to another. That is all they are doing is laundering money.
    Overall it seems as though somewhere along the line Government “officials” (I use the term lightly”) came to the conclusion that they are in fact above the law. Not only are they NOT above the law but they should be the ones creating examples for the rest of the country to follow.In actuality they should be leading by example.
    UNFORTUNATELY nobody in this country leads by example anymore. Not parents, not local government or law enforcement and certainly not Federal Government. They have no reason to really. The only thing that will change any of this is US, the AMERICAN people.
    No matter where you sit in politics, whether it be the far right, left or even in the middle it is OUR expectations, our voices and our actions that will change these problems.
    Think about it, if you were in office and were given all of this money and never really had to do any work, would you give that up willingly? Probably NOT!

    • I would LOVE a job where I got paid to do almost nothing – and you are right, I would never give it up! You and I think the same about our government and possible solutions. It just constantly amazes me that we allow so much corruption and deceit in our leaders. Maybe I should just run for Congress. 🙂

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