Mars Rover discovers elements for life


“I’m afraid you have humans.”

Maybe I watch too much Ancient Aliens but I have come up with a theory about life on other planets. Actually it isn’t really MY theory, it’s just something I find myself thinking about more often these days.

I read this article  this morning; Ancient Mars Could Have Harbored Life, Rover Finds and not only does it make me love science just a little bit more, it allows some validation of the fact that I have always believed that we couldn’t possibly be the only life in the universe.

Thinking about how small we are in comparison to the entire universe, I think it is awful egocentric of us to think that we are IT. We are fleas on a dog. Our technology allows us to only view so far into the universe, but to think that there isn’t life somewhere out there trying to watch us just like we are trying to watch them seems rather small minded. Then, if we throw a belief in God into the equation, why would an all powerful deity only create life on one planet out of the entire universe? If you believe in God, it’s like us saying that God isn’t great enough to create life elsewhere. Just because we haven’t found it yet, doesn’t mean it isn’t there.

Science proves that we are made up of certain compounds. All of us have ‘space stuff’ and we were in fact created from dust; Star dust. So maybe the Bible has part of the story right – but our limited comprehension of science and the universe makes it kind of impossible for us to really define; we can only talk about this stuff right now through concepts we already understand. So we are dust, and our explanation for that is that God made us from the dirt of the earth. Maybe though, the building block for life just landed here on accident and the climate and abundance of fresh water allowed us to take on forms that weren’t possible in other parts of our KNOWN universe – or maybe in a galaxy far far away – there are other human like animals who live and evolve just like us – destroyed their own planet and moved here (even in microscopic form).

I don’t know, the whole thing is mid boggling to me but so interesting that I find myself thinking about our place in the universe more and more. I think that it is a practice in humility to think about just how small and insignificant we really are.

Then I see things like the Mars Rover, and a planet that resembles ours in many ways – except that it is a giant desert. Underneath all that dust are the same compounds that we are made of. The only thing lacking there is water – and now it looks as though there once was water. So – who knows, maybe Mars was once just like earth. Maybe several billion years ago – there was civilization. Maybe, once civilization destroyed their planet (like we are destroying ours) they just moved here and started over. That’s just one of the many thoughts that run through my head – it’s not scientific, just my imagination. Of course though, we learn more and more if we can imagine it; it is possible.

When I look at places like Egypt where these great societies were completely covered by desert until we uncovered them – what do you think we would find if we could excavate Mars or other planets? The Mars Rover dug a hole in one spot 2 1/2 inches below the surface – we aren’t going to find an extra terrestrial pyramid in 2 1/2 inches. Until we have to technology to dig deeper and explore more – we are left with microscopic clues to what could have been there. Look at the places we have already destroyed on our planet and compare them to the Mars landscape  and I think we aren’t so far away from making our planet inhabitable. It really is only a matter of time before we completely destroy earth – and what will it look like when we are done? Mars.

If we advance enough technologically to find another planet that can sustain us – we will just move there once we destroy our current home and then we will destroy that one…

For being such ‘intelligent’ creatures, we really just mimic the life cycle of a virus. We are sturdy, adaptable, and we use the resources of our host until it can’t provide for us any longer – then we go find another host. We are fleas, and the earth is a dog. Except unlike fleas we don’t eat until we are full and allow our host to replenish itself – we just keep eating.

If humans were to completely die out earth would survive and flourish – if all the insects were to die – earth would look just like Mars in a relatively short time. We are not necessary for our planets existence – in fact we are the biggest threat to it.  Our own history here shows that all great civilizations come to an end, and no technology we can come up with will eliminate that truth. We have huge time spans on this planet where humans were almost completely wiped out – and during that time, until we repopulated, earth flourished. Then, like a virus, we come back stronger, more resilient, and consume even more.

Unlike other viruses though – we are blessed with consciousness. We have the power to change our path of destruction and wanton consumerism. We can take specific actions to change the course of our history and we choose everyday to ignore that responsibility. Climate change deniers, technology that destroys our planet so that we can have a bottle of water instead of a glass because we are lazy. Pesticides that destroy the very thing that keeps our planet sustainable so that we can eat an apple that doesn’t have a worm. We have the power and the technology to change our course and yet we don’t.

If God really did give us this opportunity, or if we are just a great cosmic accident it doesn’t change the fact that we are squandering the greatest gift the universe has bestowed upon us. We truly aren’t a species worthy of such greatness, nor do we deserve this amazing planet we live on.

Do you think about the possibility of other life in the universe? Have an interesting theory about how we got here or what we are doing here? Do you think how we behave now is sustainable? 

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