Social media overload

social-media-bandwagon1As I read more and more about how to market myself, I have come to the stark realization just how social media savvy I am not. I used to think that I was on top of all this stuff. I love the Internet. I love people. I love attention. So me + social media – well we should be friends. Instead, I am experiencing social media overload.

When the Internet was new I was on top of things. I was chatting before it was easy, and I dominated AOL (LOL). My MySpace page was awesome and I even learned a little HTML so I could do ‘fancy’ stuff. Now though, there are too many options. Apparently, having a ton of social media options has paralyzed me.

In order to get your writing or anything noticed these days depends on how many social media sites you are a member of, and not only do you have to have an account- you have to know how to use them. I just joined Tumblr. I have no idea what I am doing. My Twitter account – well, I don’t understand the joys of Twitter like the rest of the world. I have a Pinterest account that I have logged into a handful of times, and my LinkedIn account – like my resume, is devoid of viewers. My Klout score is up to 55 – but I don’t know how.

The only site I understand fully is Facebook. I love Facebook. I know I need to branch out and learn all these other sites and all the new ones popping up daily, but even though I am unemployed – the time it takes to set up all these accounts, learn how to use them, and begin to use them to market myself  is enough to drive a person completely insane.

Then, while trying to learn all this new stuff, I am FAQed out. Why is it that every question I have is not ever in a sites FAQ section? For instance – on Klout – I have linked my WordPress, LinkedIn and Twitter accounts, but nothing shows up on my score. It is like it isn’t there. My Klout score is 100% from Facebook.



I am guessing the reason nothing shows up is because I haven’t authorized any sites. Of course I can’t figure out how to authorize sites or applications. I have linked all my accounts, but apparently linking and authorizing are two different things, but there are no instructions on how to authorize sites or applications. If you know how to do this – give a girl some advice because it’s driving me nuts.

Then, not only do you have to have all these accounts, you have to add/invite/annoy your friends. I am sure that my friends are sick to death of all the new invites they are getting from me. Hell, I am sick of sending them – but if I don’t well then, it is kind of pointless to even open the accounts. Then once you annoy your friends with invites, you get to annoy them further by demanding likes, shares, feedback, ratings, comments… It is almost as much work for them as it is for me!

I know I will eventually figure all this out. I am dedicated! I am motivated! I will master these social media tools!

Are you a social media guru? How many accounts do you have in cyberspace? What has been your most effective social media site?



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