America’s Best Christian

Okay I don’t feel like writing today and Kitten is right as I type this making me delicious bacon and omelets with deliciousness inside them. 

I did find these videos this morning and they made me laugh so hard I cried and almost peed myself a little bit so I have decided to share them with you.

Some of you may find these offensive – so my advice to you if you are a Christian who is overly sensitive, just don’t watch them. If you are a Christian with a healthy sense of humor – enjoy! If you hate hypocritical Christians and the political rhetoric from the religious right- you will love these. 

….still laughing and I’ve watched them like 5 times already. 


2 thoughts on “America’s Best Christian

  1. As you already know I have been watching the series The Bible. You also know that it leaves me very, very confused. I just don’t get it. After watching the videos this woman has made I have to say she has explained things much better than the History channel has and she is hilarious to boot. Thanks for sharing!

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