The Caturday Phenomenon



I will admit it. I love all the cat memes. I am allergic to cats, but I think they are the most hilarious indifferent animals we humans invite into our lives. Maybe that is why they are so fascinating to people. Obviously, at some point cats decided to hang out with us and we liked them so much we made them Gods.



Cat’s however, really serve no great purpose for us. You don’t see cats rescuing people from avalanches, or detecting cancer, or helping the blind navigate our ever cluttered world. No. They just entertain us with their crazy antics, love of cardboard boxes, and the occasional expression of what we perceive to be love. Sure, our cats love us, but I don’t think it’s like dogs do – dogs are more obvious about how much they like us and they actually strive to please us. Cats on the other hand; not so much.



Now I am not saying that cats are completely useless. Having a pet of any kind has been proven to be good for us. They lower our blood pressure just by petting them, and they offer us something many of us need and can’t find from people – companionship. So even our indifferent kitteh friends offer us things that can’t be measured or truly appreciated unless you have had a cat (or other pet) who listens to you after a break up, snuggles with you so you don’t feel alone, and makes you laugh just by chasing the laser pointer with a passion and tenacity seen by almost no other domesticated animal.



Cat memes are probably one of the most shared and most liked pictures on the Internet. So much so that Saturday has been renamed to Caturday. I look forward to Caturday, and like many other pages on Facebook, I highlight cats on Catuday but reserve the rest of the week to dogs and other often overlooked animal companions. I used to have cats until my allergies made it impossible for me to do so. I really do like them and some days I actually miss owning a cat because of the simply hilarious things they do. However, thanks to the Internet, I get all the joys of watching cats do their thing, without actually ever having to clean a litter box.



Happy Caturday everyone!

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