The joys of being “Freshly Pressed”

freshy pressed

When I started this blog I wanted to create a space where people could talk about the issues we face as a human community in ways that promote learning and tolerance. Some people said it couldn’t be done. Trolls, anonymity, or just passion can lead to the disintegration of any conversation (especially online). I thought though, that if a tone was set (tolerance) people would respond positively to it – and they have!

I wanted to use this space to share my points of view using my life as the basis for my stories and allow people to engage in conversation about it. Be it marriage equality, gun control, religion, or politics I wanted to create a space where ideas were presented and people had a safe place to express their opinions whether they agree with me or not. The point isn’t to agree, the point is to communicate in a manner that is respectful and open. I also just like writing, and I don’t sit down with an agenda to change the world everyday I just like sharing stuff.

Anyway, the editors here at WordPress took notice of my article History in the making… about the decision before the Supreme Court on marriage equality and decided to feature it on Freshly Pressed. Now obviously, that is the WordPress Holy Grail. Aside from being offered a paid writing position somewhere I can’t see receiving any higher praise from the blogging community. The response has been truly overwhelming and amazing ; I am LOVING every second of the ‘spotlight’ even though the responding to everyone has meant that I spent ALL DAY at the computer yesterday, and today will be more of the same; but I am happy to do it. I am honored to do it. Even in the smallest way, I feel that this post allows me to be a bigger part of the fight for equality by sharing my life and experiences, as well as having those hard conversations. Words have amazing power and when we take the time to use them effectively we can share and communicate in ways that benefit both sides of any story.

What has impressed me the most are the conversations that are happening because of this exposure. Until now, the people who read my blog were largely supporters of my views, or friends who know me. Freshly Pressed means that hundreds of strangers and people who both agree and disagree with me are reading and engaging the conversation. There have been no “trolls” (yet) and even my dissenters have been kind and respectful even though they disagree with my point of view. There aren’t ‘arguments’ happening, but instead conversations, the exchange of ideas, and tolerance. I knew it was possible and I want to thank all of you who have participated for helping to make our world a better place through communication and understanding even when we don’t agree.

Hopefully, you all will stick around and read some of my other posts and engage them like you have with “History in the making…”, I am not always about the large issues, sometimes I just write about cats. No matter the topic though, I write to share stories and I am grateful to each and every one of you who has chosen to read them. For those who are new here, I try to post everyday – so hopefully you will always be able to find something here that interests you.

I of course have to give a shout-out to my partner Kitten, without whom this blog wouldn’t exist. Her support and encouragement convinced me to follow a dream to write, and her faith in me gives me the strength I need in order to keep going even when I am frustrated or doubting myself. She is my inspiration and biggest fan, and I am truly blessed to have her in my life.

Thank you all for reading and just being here! I hope we continue to learn and share together and I am excited about the future of this blog and the lives that it touches. If you have ideas or a topic you would like to see me cover in the future, shoot me an email and let me know. No subject is off limits, and I enjoy the challenge! Thank you all for your support and thank you to the WordPress editors for thinking my post was worthy of sharing. 


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