The perils of being “Freshly Pressed”

freshy pressed no

Yesterday I wrote about the joys of the freshly Pressed honor, today I will write about the downside. It isn’t a big downside really, but success and publicity can attract all kinds of people who want to try and undermine conversations and ‘push buttons’, otherwise known as “Trolls.”

Now I will never understand someones need to put others down, or to push buttons with the sole purpose of starting a fight. I have a lot to say about those types of people, and quite honestly they usually come from the type of people who have nothing better to do with their lives than to try and destroy something that another person has created. Maybe they aren’t talented enough to have their own creations – I am sure if they did, they wouldn’t engage in such negative behaviors.

The name of this page alone attracts Trolls. Tolerant People. They see it is a challenge to make me lose my mind on them in a comment stream to pull me from my practice of tolerance and throw me into a fit of rage and a flurry of hurtful words. I am certainly capable of attacking back, I simply choose not to do so (even though sometimes, it feels like a good idea).  It is in my opinion counter-productive, and while I sit there stewing over something, they sit there and laugh. It is what they want. The trick is to not ‘feed’ them.

Now I will engage a suspected Troll and try to change the tone of the conversation. If they continue – I stop engaging. Especially with something like marriage equality, sometimes people just have strong opinions and they are not intentionally trolling, they are just stating a point of view. So if I just ignored every ‘suspected’ troll, I might miss an opportunity to have a discussion with someone who just doesn’t agree with me. I give everyone benefit of the doubt -for a time. Unless it’s obvious right from the gate – I have deleted several inflammatory comments without engaging them at all and obvious spam goes right to the trash.

As I said yesterday, the Freshly Pressed spotlight invites everyone to my little space here and I really do love it. I have thoroughly enjoyed the conversations that post has generated and it is obviously an important topic for our country right now. I certainly do not want to ruin all the good that has come out of this by derailing the entire conversation to engage someone who is deliberately trying to get me or my readers riled up. Of course, Trolls help me prove my point that I am trying to make here too. To respond to maliciousness with kindness, intolerance with tolerance, and fear and hate with peace and love. It isn’t easy. It certainly does not come naturally to me. It is work really and it has been a little emotionally exhausting.

Obviously over the next few days the attention will die down and those who remain here will be the ones who appreciate this human experiment and practice in tolerance and reasonable discourse. However, even the most tolerant of people have a limit to their patience, and there will always be people who wish to test my resolve to change how I interact with people online. I appreciate in some ways those tests, it does nothing for the Troll, but what is does for me is to strengthen my resolve. It helps me to become the person I want to be. Think about it, if we are never tested, how do we know we have truly achieved a goal or have progressed toward it?





8 thoughts on “The perils of being “Freshly Pressed”

  1. One thing I like about WordPress is that I find you don’t get a lot of trolls. I guess you would find more though on your site, considering the topic.

    I also really like Akismet, it sends the spam with the links getting you to buy stuff right to junk- even when they start off with “I love your site. Please come look at mine (insert a link promoting something like sports equipment or electronics).

    • I choose WordPress as the host for my blog because the majority of people here just want to write and express ideas and are generally very respectful of one another.

      If every post I wrote focused on one topic I could see getting a lot more negative feedback , but I try to change up the topics daily or just focus on what is in the news or an article I read that I want to either object to or elaborate on. This blog is as random as I am. 🙂

      I also really like Akismet for the spam control it works REALLY well and I have only pulled one comment from there that wasn’t actually spam (out of hundreds).

  2. Yeah, there’s something to be said not just about the spam blocker, but for the community as well. WordPress is great because the vast majority of people are serious writers/researchers.

    As for changing topics daily I find it really impressive that you can do that and still manage to fit it all under one theme so to speak- and congratulations on being freshly pressed-like all things in life it has it’s advantages and it’s drawbacks. The important thing is to be appreciative of it’s advantages but still be aware that drawbacks are there. That’s what you’ve done, and you did a great job showing that.

  3. Very true. My post about marriage equality brought out fewer trolls than I expected, but it did seem to bring out quite a few ppl who wanted me to be able to answer every question and fill in every hole they’ve ever found in any argument about marriage equality ever, and it was challenging. I gave it my best, but some of them could just keep coming and coming with new arguments no matter what I said. It’s good and bad. But, like you said, definitely a worthwhile experience.

    • “it did seem to bring out quite a few ppl who wanted me to be able to answer every question and fill in every hole they’ve ever found in any argument about marriage equality ever,” This made me laugh. 😀

      Yeah, some of the expectations of readers can be demanding – people have been quite awesome with me so far though. I can’t really complain. I just don’t think people realize the blessing and curse that Freshly Pressed unleashes. You have a quiet little blog then BOOM hundreds of people all of a sudden want to chat. 🙂

  4. Congrats on being Freshly Pressed, because that’s how I found you and how I found most of the other blogs I follow. I’ve been lucky so far with no trolls, but some really funny spam comments. I think I might start saving them to read when I’m having a bad day as they will at least make me laugh. 🙂

    • Yeah some of the spam comments are hilarious! Anyway, I am still completely stoked that I was Freshly Pressed. I am pretty new around here so all the attention has certainly helped my little ’cause’ here. I also LOVE attention, so I am really loving every second of my moment of WordPress fame. 🙂

      I am glad you found me and I am glad to welcome you here! Thanks for reading and following!

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