Why I love President Obama


These four people love each other more than anything else in the world. No forced smiles, no shame in holding hands and being close, obvious pride and love. Awesome.

You know, this President is different than any other President I have experienced in my lifetime and it has nothing to do with the fact that he is the first black President, or his policies or party affiliation. It is quite simply his humanity. It oozes from him and his family. They are the most normal people I have ever seen in our most prominent house – and I love watching them.

If you have never seen the “Kid President” videos, they are funny, adorable, AND they have a pretty awesome message coming from a charismatic little boy who just wants everyone to get along. He has gained so much notoriety that he was invited to the White House to meet President Obama and this was the result:

What amazes and sickens me is the hate and vitriol  that this video has inspired by those who don’t like our President for whatever reasons they have. They will take something like this and turn it into a political argument. They use it to further criticize the President, and honestly can’t open their eyes long enough to see that this is just a man spending some time with a little boy who adores him. Just a father taking the time to mentor and inspire a young boy who really just wants people to get along.

You know, I have seen other Presidents meet with children and it has always looked scripted and strained (even Presidents who have children of their own). President Obama never seems to have that attitude when he meets with children. He looks at them as the future of our country and lets them just be children. He is a father, he is the leader of the free world, and he has obvious joy in being with and inspiring young people.

As much as I love Bill and Hillary, we never saw them playing with Chelsea, the Bushes never publicly spent time with their kids and any time they were on camera it was a well behaved line-up with forced smiles and visible tension. Like the children are a center piece to success, and they flaunt them as well behaved backdrops. Stand, smile, wave, move on. Not THIS President. His kids made him kiss their Mom at a basketball game, they instagramed at the Inauguration and did what kids do – and he smiled. Michelle smiled. They let their kids be kids even in the midst of being the first family of the United States.  This President makes the time to have dinner with his family. Over policy, over politics – this man prioritizes his family because you know what? He is going to be President for 8 years but he is a father forever – and for the first time in MY history – he is the first President to make that perfectly clear.

No matter what his dissenters may say, this man has his priorities in the right place and parents of any political affiliation should be able to see this behavior and learn from it and want to emulate it. We talk to death about family values, and when we have a family that espouses they very definition of what family values should be, people attack. People have gone so far as to attack the children themselves and in all honesty, those who have done this or agreed with the victimization of these kids should be down right ashamed of themselves.

I am truly disappointed with politics in our country. The fact that we seem to think that a President who spends time with his children, looks at his wife like she is the only star in the sky, and puts bunny ears on his dog is somehow our business to dissect and judge is disgusting. Judge his policy, judge his politics, but stop judging his fatherhood. Stop judging his compassion and excitement for children. It is not worthy of judgement. It is worthy of respect from either side of the aisle.

So I love President Obama not just because of policy or position. I love the family they have. I love his willingness to show us every second how much he loves and adores his family. I love his priorities. I love how he looks at Michelle. I love that he let Kid President sit at the Resolute desk and pick up the phone. I love that he eats fast food, and that he had a hard time quitting smoking (I bet he still sneaks one in every now and then). I love his patience (although I wish sometimes that he WOULD let the angry black man out and just start screaming at people). I love his laugh. I love watching Michelle look at him. I love watching White House kids be kids and not props. I love that he eats dinner with his family. I love that they go on talk shows, and answer Twitter questions. I love that he hugs strangers.

Regardless of anything else he does while President,  his legacy; his real legacy is his children and the children of our country and nothing has made him forget that. That is why I love President Obama and his amazing and truly precious family. It would do us all some good to put the political hate aside and recognize that the values we all want in our families is modeled for us in a beautiful way by the leader of our country.

9 thoughts on “Why I love President Obama

  1. The Obamas reflect the vibrancy, vitality and humanity of this great country. Conservatives who vilify them at every turn just prove themselves to be intolerant hypocrites. They wrap themselves in the flag and supposed love of country — but only if the country fits their narrow 1950s perspective. They insult the principles of our Founding Fathers by hijacking the democratic process and refusing to cooperate on anything, because they insist the country must live according to their outmoded priorities. They should be ashamed of themselves. (And their last president was one of the worst — and the dumbest — in US history.)

    • I agree with you 100% Dad, but it isn’t even just the conservatives who look at these simple things our President does and misses the point. I don’t want this post to become a left/right thing (although I live in reality and know that it will happen to some extent). I just want people to put politics aside for two seconds and see the humanity. To look at this family and see the good outside of policy, or blame for where our country is today. As much as I didn’t like Bush, it is us, the American people who have allowed all this to continue. I truly just want us to get back to the roots of our country and to let politics be politics and let families be families. It really shouldn’t be that difficult.

    • Ruth, Thank you so much! I am glad you enjoyed it. People are so blinded by fear, hate, politics, and intolerance that they fail to see even the decent and good things right before their eyes.

  2. This is a really wonderful blog for a very wonderful First Family. Watching Barack and Michelle interact with each other and their children has always been a delight. They are such a loving family. I hope they stay in the public spotlight in some capacity (Michelle for President!) after this term is up because they have so much to offer in terms of humanity and a great example of love and tolerance.

    • Thank you, glad you enjoyed it! They truly are a wonderful family and I also love watching them. It really is just silly things, but some of those silly things make them human, accessible. As always thanks for reading and commenting!

  3. I would first like to comment about what Bikerchick57 said, Michelle for President, I would love to see the 2016 Ballot with Hillary and Michelle on it.
    Politics aside, the First Family is the most amazing in our history. The love they share with each other is so true, real and genuine I don’t think they could hide it even if they wanted to. The love for their children and the family values that they encourage were values that were strongly put in place long before Obama became President. That in itself is amazing. You can tell that they come from a background of strong family values and those values were instilled in Michelle and Barack when they were coming up. It’s amazing to watch.
    It is amazingly refreshing to see them together. To hear Michelle talk about Barack, the pride just exudes from her lips and the words come straight from her heart. And the same is true when Barack is talking about Michelle.
    My favorite part of the last election happened when the family came out on stage to acknowledge their victory; Sasha, the younger daughter pulled on her Dad’s hand and told him to pay attention to the people that were behind him. Of course he did and he thanked her for pointing it out. It was adorable.
    As far as the haters; I am reminded of the saying:
    “your judgment of me does not change who I am….Actually…
    quite the opposite is true….It reveals who you really are.
    The haters are showing their true colors like a rainbow (no pun intended).
    I love this First family and wish they could stay in office for four more years. It is refreshing to have a leader who actually leads by example. I for one am extremely proud to say that I voted for Obama twice and would vote for him again if I could.
    I know you don’t want to make this about politics but I have to say that I hope that Obama doesn’t allow the haters to drain him of his genuine and incredible hopes for the future of our Country. Dealing with such opposition can take a toll on anyone, even someone as strong as the Obamas. My hope is that he finds a way to adapt and overcome so he can accomplish at least some of the dreams he has for our Country. Because they are some really beautiful dreams.

    • They are beautiful dreams. I wish he could stay President long enough for people to stop worrying about things that are based on lies and look at what he is actually trying to do. At this point – if that were the case, he might be President forever. I just hope that whoever is next is as real as he and his family are.

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