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I felt a little blog update was in order! So I keep having all these ideas about what I would like this blog to be and since I started it in January I have adjusted the scope and purpose of the site. If I had a “mission statement” it would simply be:

“Tolerant People aspires to be the place where people go to learn and have meaningful conversation about our world and the trials we all face as members of this amazing planet. By opening our hearts and minds to different perspectives we can become a truly global community.”

When I first started this, I had a bit of a control problem. I still do sort of but I’ll get over it. I have already changed how I post, what questions I ask (if any) and I sincerely try to answer each comment or query with a personal and honest response. The “Think About This” segment of the blog has been abandoned for now, but since my followers have increased and people are actually participating in conversations I may bring the idea back because I think it is a good idea. It just needs people to participate in order for it to work – otherwise, it is really me talking to myself which I can do without having to type it all out! 🙂

I would also like to officially welcome all the new followers that were exposed to my blog through the article featured on Freshly Pressed. I was shocked to have been selected, and am truly grateful enough of you liked it to read more and subscribe.

Because of the publicity, I updated my “About Me” page which you can find under the photo icon for the blog. People apparently want to know who I am now, and while I never intended to remain anonymous here (my name is located in the copyright information) I did want people who “know” me to see a different identity. I am working to change myself and my pseudonym “Sophist Six” is my alter ego. She is the person I am striving to become and not always the person I actually am.

I am amazed and truly honored that so many of you like what you see here. I have 174 WordPress followers, and the rest of you subscribe through Facebook (200+). I never in a million years thought so many people would find value in my little thoughts and life stories, or that people would even be interested in this practice of tolerance and understanding – so thank you all so very much!!

Also, I am sorry, but I haven’t had the chance to get to all of your blogs. You guys are some amazing people with amazing ideas and talents and I love being a part of this community. I promise I will get to you eventually and will gladly support you the way you have supported me. It amazes me, some of you are truly inspiring and some of you are just kids trying to find your way in the world and some of you, like me just like to write. Some of you are down right hilarious, and almost all of you are truly thought provoking no matter what your ‘delivery’ is.

So really, please let me know what you would like to see here. Should I shorten my posts? Have a topic you would like to know more about? I will research and write about anything, but until you guys feed me some ideas you are at the mercy of my random and unpredictable mind.

Also, “Like” the Facebook page Tolerant People. It is just my answer to all the negative and useless stuff we usually post. I try to keep the content family friendly, informative, inspirational, and educational (and funny). Then of course there is Caturday where I just post crap about cats (and other stuff too). I don’t post anything political unless it is truly historical and even then I keep it to a serious bare minimum. I just want to keep it positive.

The most important question of all though, is that I wrote a post in response to a certain woman in politics who said. “women shouldn’t serve in combat roles because they menstruate.”  My only true war story involves my lady time and it’s hilarious (now).  I wrote about it, but I have delayed posting it because, well, it is kind of gross. So here is a poll – help me make the decision to post it or not.

7 thoughts on “Tolerant People Blog Stuff

  1. I have been enjoying your posts thus far and I sure hope the majority of pollsters say “Yes!” My only comment is to not make your posts into novels (because I lose interest in posts if they get too lengthy).

    • I’ll just apologize in advance. I am wordy LOL If you read the beginning and end on the REALLY long ones, you should get the point. I do try to keep them under 1000 words, but I have been unsuccessful more often than not.

      I will warn you that the “lady time’ war story is the longest ever. Totally worth it though. 🙂

    • The article itself is funny (the politician who thinks this is an insurmountable problem). My story would shame her into silence, and make a lot of women maybe re-think their desire to join the Armed Forces.

  2. I am very new to blogging and have not found lots of blogs to follow yet. I find your perspective refreshing and I truly enjoy reading your posts. I am always surprised and upset by the negativity I find on Facebook, so thank you for your blog and giving people the opportunity to discuss matters in a positive environment.

    • Thank you Shero! I appreciate having you here and am so glad you are enjoying my posts! I haven’t been around long, I just started blogging in January so I am still learning the ropes too! You’ll get it!

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