Did You Hear the One About the Homophobes Who Wanted to Adopt Out Their 16 Year Old Lesbian Daughter?

While the story of the 16 year old who was put up for adoption is satire, for those of us who have struggled with family and society all know that this wasn’t too far from the truth. In fact, for many LGBT youth this is a REALITY. A horrific and life altering reality. So even though it is fake, it has brought attention to a serious issue – and really, isn’t that what satire is supposed to do?

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Jokes are supposed to be funny.  They always start with a set up and then build to a crescendo where the plot twists and the listener bursts out laughing.    Last week a “joke” went viral, but no one was left laughing.

The “joke” was a piece titled “PARENTS PUT 16 YEAR OLD DAUGHTER UP FOR ADOPTION AFTER LEARNING SHE IS GAY”.  It came from a site called “The Memoirs of DEACON Tyson Bowers III”, and had previous iterations on the Daily Bleach and Christwire.  The site it came from had other “credible” material such as KENTUCKY MAN SUES MOTHER FOR NOT ABORTING HIM,  DANGERS OF PRIDE WEEK,  STUDY: LESBIANS MORE LIKELY TO EAT FISH, AFRICAN AMERICAN SCIENTIST INVENT SYNTHETIC WATERMELON and GAYS BUILDING SECRET PENILE SHAPED RESORT ISLAND.

The piece was written as humor…satire… but none of the 72,000 who shared it took it that way.  They believed it to…

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2 thoughts on “Did You Hear the One About the Homophobes Who Wanted to Adopt Out Their 16 Year Old Lesbian Daughter?

  1. Those facts are startling. Thank you for sharing this. I didn’t know a lot of this before reading this post. I can’t imagine kicking my daughter out ever, let alone for something so trivial. I definitely want to look into how I can do more for these kids.

    • Thank you so much! This is a huge issue for LGBT youth. Thankfully, as much as my Mom wanted grandchildren and a wedding – she valued me more. I am very lucky. Many children aren’t and that is just plain sad.

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