Five things I am frustrated about today


It looks as though today is going to be one of those days where every story I read gets me riled up. I am a super emotional person, and it takes serious work sometimes for me to tamper my emotions for some of these posts. Some days, like today, I just want to scream, “WHAT the f*&k is WRONG with everyone!?? Some things I really don’t understand, and I would really really like to understand. So here are five reasons for my frustration today:

1. This one is on me. I am unhappy with yesterday’s post. I want to rewrite it. I managed to leave out a huge part of the story. It’s a problem with how I go about writing these things. While I don’t keep a hard and fast posting schedule – I do post between 6 and 9am (EST) mostly everyday. I also, don’t write these before hand. I wake up, read the news, have my coffee and sit here and write about whatever is most dominant in my mind. These posts are kind of my own personal therapy that I try to make meaningful for others. The problem with that is sometimes I don’t quite think things through. Yesterday was a perfect example of that. So anyway, look for a revision of “My Jewish Girlfriend” at some point in the future. I seriously hate it when I manage to miss my own point! Sometimes, writing is hard.

2. Have you seen this little gem? Parents put 16 year old daughter up for adoption after learning she is gay Seriously people??? This was in South Carolina. This 16 year old is now legally up for adoption. Her parents, along with their church sincerely believe that this is the best they could do for their daughter (they prayed about it and all). They want her to be adopted by a “gay friendly” family.

THIS is my problem with religion. Not God. Religion. These people are just plain nuts. They are bad parents, and bad people using GOD to justify their despicable actions. What frightens me most is that many people are seeing this as an EXAMPLE. Don’t like who your kid has turned out to be? Put them up for adoption! Yeah. That makes sense. I swear, if I was in ANY financial position to do so, I would have a 16 year old daughter right now.

UPDATE: Since I posted this part of my rant – I have been corrected:

AH HA! The adoption story is fake. That pleases me. I usually don’t get caught up in fake stories because I try to check them before re-posting – but I was over zealous. Here are some resources that point to this just being fake.


I have never been so happy to be wrong. I am wrong here, but the fact that many religious parents “disown” or kick out thier gay children is a sad reality – so my rant still stands, just not with this particular incident.

3. Mitch McConnell is upset because his “strategy” team got caught being assholes: Secret tape: Mitch McConnell aides discuss Ashley Judd. Instead of saying, “Oh crap, we got caught being assholes”, they are demanding a taxpayer funded FBI investigation to find out who is ‘bugging’ their war room. Maybe Mitch, it is someone from your own camp who is sick of your crap. Maybe.

What amazes me is Americans who are completely derailed by his temper tantrum and NOT the content of the recording. They were fully intending to use the fact that Ashley Judd struggled with depression and flirted with suicide when she was IN SIXTH GRADE as a political attack. I am really bummed that she decided not to run because I think she would have gave him a run for his money (no pun intended). I sincerely hope that we can find someone to run against him that has a chance of winning. This punk needs to go – along with every other sitting Tea Party Republican in office right now. 2014 can’t get here soon enough.

4. The attempted resurrection of anti-sodomy laws and other intrusive, perfectly meaningless and unenforceable laws. Here is a handy list of current and repealed Sodomy laws ruled unconstitutional by the supreme court, and the States that still have these laws on the books. Sodomy Laws in the U.S. It’s a scary list.

So good people. None of you of course have ever had oral or anal sex? I know I haven’t. Even if I had, I wouldn’t admit it. I could get arrested. Legislating the actions between two consenting adults (even those who are married – man and woman kind of married) is useless. It can’t reliably be prosecuted, and really, why do we need to even address it? Don’t agree with blow jobs? Don’t get one. Lots and lots of men really like them though and they aren’t going to stop getting them because it offends your personal moral outrage. There is even a day for men – Steak and a Blow-Job Day! Go arrest every fan of Steak and BJ day because we KNOW they are getting some oral sex from someone! OH THE HUMANITY!

5. Finally, the battle for minimum wage increases. We have become a ridiculous country. Tired of people collecting food stamps? Pay them a living wage. Tired of people on federal or state health care? Pay them a living wage. Tired of our economy and jobs stagnating? Pay people a living wage so they can spend money in the economy. Want people to buy U.S. products? Pay people enough to buy them. Want people to take care of their children? Pay them enough to raise them. Want people to stop stealing from others? Pay them enough to buy their own iPad. I really don’t understand why this is a difficult argument.

We have SO MUCH MONEY in our country (and I have none of it) but seriously, these businesses like Wal-Mart make money hand over fist and yet they give their employees briefings on applying for State and Federal aid. The same people demanding cuts to welfare, are the very same people who teach their employees how to get it, and pay them so little that they qualify for it. We should be outraged. I know I am.

So there it is. The five things that are driving me a little crazy this morning.

26 thoughts on “Five things I am frustrated about today

  1. I get driven crazy together with you on this, and this is the kind of rant I have every day with regards to life. In a way it is nice to bump into a fellow spirit.

  2. I’m reading your post while listening to CBS This Morning. I would like to add a 6th frustration. I cannot stand the cowards that hide behind a filibuster. I think Americans deserve better. You are correct…2014 can’t get here soon enough.

    • Gail, this list could have easily made to about 22 things or 100 things… our country is full blown crazy right now. Don’t even get me started on the filibuster and the other stop-gaps to progress these people insist on… *sigh*

  3. I have to disagree with you a little bit about number 5. Here’s why: It’s not just about people not being paid enough. It’s also about the short-sightedness of knuckleheads on boards, or that have to answer to them. Do you know what happens to a company’s stocks when people get laid off? They go up. When a company’s stock prices go down, the company usually responds with laying people off. Stock prices then go up. However, those folks aren’t making anymore money, so they don’t buy from their old company anymore. Less product being sold means stock prices go down. See where I’m going here?

    A better solution would be to hire more people instead. It’s also what our economy needs. Hell, our country needs leaders that think. There’s more, but I think I’ll blog about it tomorrow. I have a review I need to post. Danged commitments…

    • Nope it is never “just” about anything. There are always a million views of any argument. However, the financial disparity in our country is directly related to your point about stockholders and shareholders, you also share a great point about hiring MORE workers instead of paying a few less. The simple fact remains though that if people have money – they will spend it. So, if the goal was ACTUALLY to improve our economy and domestic spending, we would approve a minimum wage increase. That however is not the goal. The goal is “Whoever dies with the most toys wins” and that is bullshit. 🙂

      • You know, I’m not too sure having a minimum wage is the answer. Think about it: Every time the minimum wage increased, soon after, everything else did as well.
        Our financial woes will be ended in this country as soon as a few key things are done:
        1) Bring our manufacturing jobs back from other countries.
        2) Get rid of unions and social programs like Medicaid, and welfare.
        3) Teach our kids how to be entrepreneurs rather than factory workers. Also, teach them teamwork, rather than teaching them that working together is a bad thing (cheating) and that failure is something to be treasured as a learning experience, not something to be feared and avoided.
        4) Impose a flat income tax of 4% across the board.
        5) This is most important: Tell them to STOP printing money, and spending what we don’t have.

        These aren’t the solutions for all of our problems, but they’d go a long way towards fixing most of them.

        • So we just keep paying people 7 dollars an hour and expect them to keep up with inflation that isn’t tied to wages? People with more, get paid more, people who get paid less have less, but the people who rely on us to buy more won’t pay us more to buy those things. The only thing about economics that I truly understand is supply and demand. However even if there is demand, if you can’t pay for it the demand is gone and our economy suffers. There is a compromise here. We just need to find it.

          • Minimum wage is not a solution. Did you know that right now, in order for someone to make enough money to be poor (ie above the Federal poverty line), you’d have to make $25/hr? Who is going to want to pay the guy who cleans the bathroom that much money?

          • No one. That is why the suggested increase was only $9.00. Totally reasonable and would relive a lot of people from poverty (because all 4 of their jobs would now pay 9 instead of 7 and they could actually quit one of those jobs and spend time with their kids.

  4. I read your posts everyday and thank the universe that I am not the only one. I am not exactly like you, but I am exactly like you. And if I really like you, then I must be okay, myself. Thanks for bringing that to light for me.

    • Derb, you hit on the point of this entire page quite precisely. We don’t have to be the same in every aspect – what we as a society need to do (in my opinion) is find what we agree on and work outward. Lots of people agree that gun violence is out of control – not everyone agrees on how to stop it (but every sane person wants to). The solution is to talk, to understand, to compromise. My perspective is meant to induce conversation – not to agree or “be like me” thank you so much for understanding and acknowledging the difference.

  5. 1) Don’t be so hard on yourself. I thought the post was really good. 2) I am so happy to be part of a church that is so tolerant. 3) I live in Scott Walker’s state. Enough said. 4) No comment. 5) How do you live on $7 an hour? It’s impossible.

    • Thanks Bikerchick! I’m not being too hard on myself, but when I I fail my own standards… well I guess what explains it better is that I am a bit of a perfectionist (unless it’s punctuation). 🙂 I know many people who’s churches have always practiced tolerance – and those churches are blessings for society as a whole. Scott Walker is a douche. $7 an hour is impossible, but people can’t have it both ways (to pay a decent wage or not and expect people to get off public assistance at the same time). Thanks as always for reading and commenting 🙂

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