The Slacktivist Movement

Yesterday I wrote about the word “Slacktivist” and decided it would be a good idea to encourage people to be an activist for a day and introduced “Slacktivism Day” … I am dead serious about this little movement idea. I think sometimes people need to be given a reason – or even permission to do something. It’s like the same concept as a gay pride parade; on one day even the most fearful and closeted people get to go be gay and not worry about it. Slacktivist Day is just about letting people use their voice or even to discover it about an issue or topic that is important to them and making a ‘day’ out of it to give them a reason (and a timeline) to do so. “Oh I normally wouldn’t have posted all that stuff about marriage equality, but today is “Slacktivism Day” so I decided to share my perspective with you!” That’s it.

People complain that we have become an apathetic society, but how can we blame people? We don’t really encourage people to care about anything. We have talking points, and now memes, politicians and religious leaders all dictating to us what we should care about and how we should go about that (voting for them, giving them money etc.), but no one encourages anyone to form their own opinions,  or shape their own viewpoints. So why not create a day where we make that action okay? Why not give people an excuse to care about something?

I have been met with some people who say, “that is pretty much what Facebook is everyday.” I have to disagree. For some people maybe, but for most it is about our daily lives and activities. Unless you are into politics on a daily basis, you aren’t sharing your political views or why you have them. We spend a lot of time passing around memes but we never go beyond that. We trust (for some silly reason) that what that meme says is accurate and agree or disagree. Like it or ignore it. We like pages that share our views and re-post what they post without ever offering our own thought or reasoning along with it (I am just as guilty of this as everyone else). I may know you are a Republican, but WHY are you a Republican? It is to encourage people to dig below the surface a little, to take a conscience effort to understand why something is important to them. How can that be a bad idea? Even if only 4 people participate, at least there are 4 people out there who want to understand or advocate for something just a little harder than usual and that means 4 more people who are actively participating in their own life and viewpoints.

If we want our world to be a better place, we need to start taking an active part in doing so. We are a society driven by fear and we allow people to deceive us without question. How bad can it be to encourage people to ask questions and seek out answers?  Why not get some perspective from our friends and family instead of from the mainstream media that ALL have an agenda to feed us the information they want us to have. Yet, all the information we need or want is at our fingertips – we are just mostly too lazy to do it. Why not give people an excuse to learn more about what is important to them and share that with friends and family in a concentrated and purposeful way? Posting with intent for one day a year.

If you like the concept and want to play along come check out and “like” the Slacktivist Movement Facebook page. Even if you don’t want to participate, share the concept with your friends and family, they might want to come and see what it’s about even if you don’t.

What will you use your voice for?


13 thoughts on “The Slacktivist Movement

  1. Hmmm. That’s a toughie. I have so many causes I’m passionate about: Marriage equality, fixing our economy, fixing our educational system, the Make-A-Wish Foundation, Youth Rights…. I just don’t know what to start with. Glad I have a few days to think about it. Thanks for coming up with this idea. I’m gonna spread the word, too.

    • I have the same problem. 🙂 I post about everything all day long, but having to think about what I will do on May 1st makes me think a little harder about what I want to do. I am leaning toward a space theme. Mainly because I want to know more about it. I’ll have to do some research to post information on that all day and have it be more meaningful than, “I like space but don’t understand it.” I’ll change my mind 100 more times I am sure. Thanks for liking the page and joining the ’cause’!

  2. What a great idea- everyone has a voice, but if it’s been taken away from you, you forget how to use it. One person CAN make a difference- you may see that other people feel the same way too!

  3. I think this is a great idea. If all goes well, we can make it a holiday! Maybe even if things go reaaally well, it will turn into a slacktivist holiday weekend, and the banks will probably be the first to celebrate!

  4. I love an action orientation to social justice! I spend 12 years founding and running a grassroots criminal justice reform non-profit. Honestly I did it to an extreme and am not in ‘rest’ mode. However, looking for the “action” response is still my mode…. Kudos to you!

    • Lea, Thanks for the comment and encouragement! I just keep hearing people say how much people don’t care anymore and that we don’t communicate (and we don’t) and thought I would try something different. Ideas don’t work unless you try them!

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