100 things to talk about!


It’s milestone time! This is my 100th post here on the Tolerant People blog. As you know if you follow me, I try to post everyday and I try to change up the topics that I focus on. Some of my posts have been funny, many were born of frustration, some were a call to action, and some of them are just me talking about me. Regardless of topic, I am amazed at some of the responses to some of my articles and I am also quite flattered that so many of you have subscribed to read my writings and opinions. Today I am going to journey through those 100 posts and share with you 5 of my personal favorites and 5 of the most popular posts (according to the stats).

I started this blog on January 12th – My Mom’s birthday (in July it will be 14 years since she passed) and in a way all of my writing and my passion go back to her in one way or another. So in its way – this space is not only a place for me to do something I love, it is also a living memorial to my Mom and a way for me to realize my dreams because I watched my Mom give hers up to make sure I grew up to be a good person. My Mom wanted to be a writer as well, and just as my brother and I got old enough and independent enough she put herself back in school and started on her own path to follow her dreams. Cancer took her life before she could realize those dreams but cancer didn’t stop her from making sure that I always knew that I could do whatever I felt passionate about. She made sure I learned the lesson, even if she couldn’t realize it herself – and I think that is the job of any good parent.

So in that light – I present to you the Tolerant People stats and the 5 most popular and 5 of my favorite posts:

Stats: Since January 12th, 2013 there have been 100 posts, 506 comments, 6,475 hits, and 513 followers (229 WordPress followers and the rest follow me through Facebook) . Not too shabby for only being around  for four months! Thank you!! 😀

The Five Most Popular Posts (popularity determined by the most views and visitors in one day):

1. Very Good Students – This post was written after the verdict of the Steubenville Rape trial and focused on the media reporting about the ruined futures of the boys who videotaped, mocked, and raped a 16 year old girl at a party. This post tops the list with 813 views/visitors in one day.

2. History in the making – This article was selected and featured on Freshly Pressed and was about the Supreme Court addressing marriage equality. I shared my personal views and personal situation to try and help people to understand what is at stake, and to try and explain that marriage even between 1 man and 1 woman is subjective to the couple that is choosing to marry. Even though it was Freshly Pressed – the one day views/visitors topped out at 390 (but looking at the lifetime views of the post over 1500 people have viewed it – so technically it is my most popular post over time, just not in one day).

3. Demand Better – Written in response to the Boston Marathon Bombing. A call to action for Americans to demand better from ourselves and our country. This post had 351 views/visitors.

4. Democracy for sale – I wrote this one in response to the filibuster of the background check legislation that 91% of Americans supported and our senate choose to ignore us completely and that pissed me off enough to write about the demise of democracy in our country. 296 people viewed/visited this post.

5. Why I don’t want to be a teacher – The title is pretty self explanatory and for some reason I can’t get to the daily views of this post, but for a long time it was my most popular and if memory serves it had around 180+ views/visitors the day I posted it (March 3rd).

My five personal favorites:

1. Here comes the sun – This is my all time favorite because as far as I know this is the only post I have written that has definitively changed someones life. The post is about my skin cancer diagnosis and the fact that my skin cancer didn’t look like any of the pictures of Basil Cell Carcinoma. I am not a pretty girl (in my opinion) and I am not too fond of posting pictures of myself for the world to view – especially of my nose. However, I got over my vanity (what little I possess) because if I couldn’t find my cancer online – maybe there were others who had a spot on their face that just wouldn’t go away. One of my childhood friends read this post and had the same sort of spot on her nose which she had not had checked out. In her words, “I just ignored it and hoped it would go away on its own.” She read this post – went to a doctor and had that spot removed and biopsied. So out of 100 posts – this one actually made a difference.

2. My ammo pouches carried tampons and cigarettes – I wrote this in response to Terri Proud who wondered how women could ever deal with their periods in a combat zone. I also tend to like the posts where I make myself laugh and this was certainly one of them. Also – writing it took me back to some pretty awesome memories, some pretty foul smells, and reminded me that my time as a Soldier was not always glorious. This post is graphic and funny at the same time. Don’t eat your breakfast while reading this one.

3. Have we lost common ground for good? – This is one of my rants. I was frustrated about politics and people’s inability to compromise in order to move forward. No one commented on this post. It wasn’t read by many but it is one of my favorites because I think that in order to move forward we sometimes need to be willing to make some personal sacrifices for the greater good.  Even though it was an emotional rant – I like the message and how I presented it – even if no one read it.

4. Dealing with depression Part three – Medication – There are actually 5 posts in this series and I wrote the entire series because I have struggled with depression off and on for my entire life. Depression is a solitary disease that affects everyone at some point in their lives and dealing with it can be confusing and difficult. I wanted to share my story to encourage people to get help if they need it, but also to ask people to look for the root of their depression before being put on medication or feeling so bad that they decide to take their own life. My blog stats plummeted during the five days I posted about depression, but like my post about skin cancer; I can only hope that it was useful to someone out there.

5. Advice from an amateur writer – I like writing about writing. This was my first attempt at advice for other writers and for a long time it was my most popular post and one of the first posts that people other than friends or family commented on.

So there they are – 5 of your favorites and 5 of mine. I truly love writing this blog and I am amazed everyday at the people who have chosen to read what I write. Whether you are here for the social commentary, my personal experiences, or my flawed and opinionated advice I thank you from the bottom of my heart for being a part of making my personal dreams become reality. I love people, I love communication, and I love writing. Even though I get frustrated at times, I really do believe that small groups of people can make a huge impact – and this blog is proving to be a testament to that. So thank you all for reading, commenting and sharing. I look forward to the next hundred posts and I hope you do too.

What is your favorite Tolerant People post? What post made you decide to follow this blog? 


6 thoughts on “100 things to talk about!

  1. Congratulations on your well-followed, well-read blog. I have been enjoying your posts! I’m sorry you lost your mom so soon, but it’s very cool that you are honoring her by your writing.

    • Thank you Bikerchick and thank you for becoming one of my followers and top commentors (<—- that isn't a word)! My Mom as any other parent had her flaws, but her legacy is me and what I do with my life and how I choose to impact those around me. I know she is proud and I truly miss her everyday.

  2. I don’t remember which post pulled me in, but all that I read have kept me here. Your writing flows, even in your rants, and I like the topics you choose. So it sounds like I’m in good company here! 🙂

  3. I believe the post ” Very Good Students” was my first read, I loved “My Ammo Pouches Carried Tampons And Cigarettes” and I identify with most everything you post. I’m straight, old (60ish) happily married and retired but your posts speak to me. Thank you for writing what I cannot articulate. Keep up the good work (and rants)!

    • Gail thank you for reading and commenting! I am glad my writing is something that speaks to you even though we may lead different lives. That is really the point of this whole blog adventure – regardless of beliefs or worldviews, we have more in common than we have differences – we just need to look for and nurture those things in common rather than fight against those things that are different.

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