Garden > Internet


I know yesterday was Earth Day and all, but today is the day I am finally getting out into my garden to get everything planted! So I am not going to spend too much time on today’s post. I am already way past my usual posting time – but I woke up this morning at 2:30 am questioning the existence of God and couldn’t get back to sleep. Yes – these are the things that wake me up at night. I figure my questioning is due to my frustrations with humanity and not in fact a question about God, but in order for me to reset, I need to spend some time with things that don’t bomb and kill, or judge and scrutinize. I want plants and soil. I need some goodness and purity.

After last week, my emotions need some sunshine and my attitude needs adjusting. The way I plan to go about that is to take an internet break of sorts. Don’t get me wrong – I am more addicted to the Internet than most people, but I am taking a break from reading all the news stories, and comment streams of people screaming about conspiracy theories and racism. While you guys may enjoy my rants – they come from a place of pure exasperation and after the events of last week between Boston and the Senate well, lets just say I would rather play with flowers and vegetables than people for a little bit.

I wrote about my little garden a little while ago and I was anxious to get out into the dirt and start planting – spring wasn’t quite ready to accommodate me, but now it seems we have spring finally and I am going to take advantage of it. I am also having a huge NEED to go find a nice river or stream and just sit and watch the water go by. Sometimes in our world of endless information and righteous causes, I think we need to get back to the things that remain unchanged – like how a plant grows or how water flows. People make things so complicated and confusing and all a seed wants to do is sprout, work it’s way toward the sunlight and thrive.

I think we can learn a pretty good lesson from plants.


6 thoughts on “Garden > Internet

  1. Happy planting day! I used to dig in the earth, sans garden gloves, to plant flowers for my former in-laws. I miss it so much – it’s attitude adjustment therapy at its best.

  2. Nature is beautiful and calming. As soon as my partner’s foot is fully healed and he can walk normally, we will be back out in the desert taking pictures. 🙂

    I know what you mean about taking a break; I do that, too.

    • I think everyone has something they do that calms them or reconnects them to reality – we should do those things more often! I seriously get way too worked up sometimes and just have to step back.

  3. Exactly what I’m trying to do. But I’m inexplicably pulled back after just a day or two. It’s so hard to stay out of the social media back and forth, but I know I HAVE to for sanity. Maybe a little gardening for me would work. Here where I live I’m hesitant to plant anything until May 1st, though.

    • I am still poking around – but for the most part I was offline yesterday and will be again today. I only planted the stuff that will survive should we get one last frost here (we shouldn’t but you never know). Got the beds weeded and bean poles up. It was a beautiful day and it was nice to not be annoyed every three minutes. 🙂

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