Maybe I’ll write a book


Since I have all this time on my hands and absolutely no idea what to do with myself, I have started entertaining the idea of writing a book. I never believed that I had the attention span to write a book. Blogging is more my speed usually. I can pick a subject, write a little bit about it and move on. A book takes more thought and organization – not to mention a lot more than my 1000+ word novels I write here.

When I was in 3rd Grade my teacher said to me that I was going to be a world famous author someday. While I don’t think I’ll ever hit the ‘world famous’ mark, if I could manage to make a living from writing I would be one seriously happy camper. I think I have just been looking in the wrong places to find employment and since I have decided that this is my mid-life crisis – why not write a book? The worst that could happen is that no one would buy it.

I used to lie a lot when I was younger. Compulsively. I wanted attention and my real life was too boring, so I would make up these stories. People believed me. It was nothing bad ever, usually just saying I did something when I didn’t actually do it. I remember one elaborate lie I maintained pretty much all through elementary school about my Dad (who I have never met) about why he wasn’t around. Like most kids missing a parent, I fantasized a lot about who my Dad might have been and what kind of work he did and what kind of person he may have been. I created a character and made him real and all of a sudden I had a father I could not only be proud of, but I identified with him. It’s easy to identify with your own creation.

I bring up the lying thing because to lie well you have to be consistent and creative. Writing a book is like one big elaborate lie with little bits of truth in there to make it believable. You make up characters, you make up where they live and what their hobbies are. I think most books (fiction anyway) are just pieces of the author that have been enhanced by little lies to make the characters interesting. Finding a ‘situation’ to place those characters in and telling the story is the creative part – but it takes the same skills as convincing someone you have gone sky diving when you have never even been in a plane.

There are a ton of stories I have started in my head, and when I was younger I would write them down for that day when I decided to write a book. I have since lost those notebook from my youth that had all these story ideas – but I still remember them enough to revive them and make them into something bigger. I wrote a children’s book in high school called “The Incredible Shrinking Person” and I even illustrated it myself which is quite the accomplishment since I can’t even draw a decent stick figure. My 14 year old self was more talented than I ever gave her credit for.

If I was to write a book now it would live in the Science Fiction/Fantasy genre. As much as I would love to do some sort of autobiography someday, I think I have too many holes in my life to fill in yet. To spin a story though from my experiences and personal fantasies and turn it into an adventure of some kind would not only be possible – but I think it could be pretty good. I  have an insane imagination and the thought of getting some of these crazy stories in my head onto paper is an exhilarating thought that I never really had the time to entertain. Now I do. Hell, J.K. Rowling was on welfare when she wrote the Harry Potter series and that was her first stab at writing – she ended up with one of the best selling series of all time.

I’ve noticed many of the bloggers here on WordPress have books in the works or do self publishing of their novels. Obviously the digital age makes it possible for anyone to write a book and put it up on Amazon for $3.99 but if I am going to do this book thing, I am aiming high. I want Random House or some other giant publisher to do all the advertising and audience generating, I just want to focus on the story even if I am the only one who ever reads it.

How many of you are aspiring book authors? Have you ever written a book? Did anyone read it? Did you get published? Here is your chance to pimp your stuff. Link to your work in the comments if you have something out there people might want to read. Maybe someday in the near future I will be posting mine on here…

14 thoughts on “Maybe I’ll write a book

  1. good luck! Me, well i’m just writing for $hits and giggles- I got too much nonsense in my head, nonsense that I just gotta put down on paper. I got something brewing yeh, something thats been eating away at my insides for as long as I took the damn dark tower journey- and I gotta tell it before i go insane- mid life crisis… YOU BET!


    • LOL Stick! That’s how I feel too. All kinds of stuff in my head and nowhere for it to go. Also, the Dark Tower series I am ashamed to admit I haven’t yet read. I LOVE Stephen King and there is no good reason why I haven’t read it yet, I have read pretty much everything else he has ever written. Good luck with your writing and your mid-life crisis! 🙂

  2. Go for it! It’s an exciting process. However, I don’t want to break your bubble, but even if you got in a house like RH, you’d likely be doing all the advertising yourself since they don’t want to risk money on a possible mid-lister, which is what most writers are. You have to be in the realm of JK Rowling to receive any advertising help. I mean; look at the social media of even bestsellers. They still have to do social media themselves! But if you look at Rowling or Meyer, they have someone to do it for them. I went the indie route because most have marketing teams that help you set up marketing so you don’t have to create a schedule yourself. You still have to help with it, but you don’t go in blind and don’t have to waste money on a publicist.

    I already have a book with an indie publisher and am immensely happy. It is a dream come true, and I’ve been dreaming it since I was eight (now 22). My book is not out yet, but you can keep an eye on my blog for announcements. We’re hoping for a late summer release because the publisher doesn’t think I’ll need too much editing.

    • Amber I don’t really have too much of a bubble to break. Just like my employment hopes, they start at the top and now I am applying for jobs at gas stations. I’ll shoot for RH and end up with a $3.99 e-book on Amazon – and I am okay with that! An indie publisher might be the way to go since what I am thinking about writing is kind of a niche audience (a large one – but still a niche). I’ll work on getting it written first and then deal with all the other stuff when it comes.

      Thanks for the comment and advice and good luck with your book! What an exciting process for you! I’ll keep my eyes out for your announcement!

  3. I have thought about writing so many times and never did. I used to write in middle school and friends would pass my notebooks around, waiting for the next paragraph. I made funny cartoons too. Almost all of them got confiscated. I got in trouble even though my name was not on it but teachers knew it was me. They always said Nuce work but this is not the time and the place… Fast forward a couple decades later, it was my New Year’s resolution to finally put on paper this recurrent dream I was having. A new paragraph per day is my current rate. I will update on my blog when done. I am looking into different publishing options.

    • I think the point to writing and doing it well is allowing yourself the time and schedule to do it in such a way that it doesn’t impact your life in a negative way. One paragraph a day may not sound like much – but I bet when you are done, it will be worth reading. Some writers can bang out an entire book in a month – and for some it takes years to finish even a rough draft. I don’t have any timelines or specific goals other than to write when I feel like writing and try to turn it into something I have always dreamed of and something that if I saw it on a bookshelf in the store I would at least be intrigued enough to pick it up and read the dust cover.

      • A paragraph per day is all I can realistically accomplish along with life. Some day I can do more, on others I just editing previous paragraphs. It helps that I commit to touch it daily. Makes me work on it continuously 🙂

  4. Sounds like an awesome idea. I have a question, and a couple suggestions. And I’ll blog link to one of my Works In Progress. I have more on my blog, but I won’t clog you with links.
    Question: Are you willing to take at least 2 years out of your life for this? Remember, you’re biggest enemy in getting your book written, much less published, will be yourself: from doubts to procrastination. You willsabotage yourself. We all do.

    Suggestions: May I recommend you invest in The Emotion Thesuarus and Ink? I learn so much from both books everyday.

    To one of my WIPs: Into the Realm. I hope these made it through your spam filter. I also hope my links work.

    One more thing: On the the side of my blog is a button for The Bookshelf Muse. If you follow that, you’ll come to a link for the ET.

    • I will definitely look into your recommended books, but I am also not going to get myself all distracted an mired in what everyone else thinks is a good book or good writing. While there is value from advice, it is individual. You just have to find what speaks to you I guess and go from there.

      To answer your question, I don’t have a timeline. If I never finish this, that is okay. I just want to know that I spent my “free time” doing something that I find personal value in. So if it takes two months or two years, I really don’t mind.

      Your links work fine and I plan on taking a peek at your work! I am enjoying the fact that people are sharing their ideas and works in progress here. 🙂

        • Thank you! I am having fun already and I am only 5 pages into the thing. I have already decided that the only thing I will post here is the introduction which I just finished writing. A teaser – you are going to have to give me at least $3.99 to get the rest of it. 😀 I do appreciate your advice, and you may hear from me when I find myself stuck as every author does.

  5. Author! Fantastic idea. You’ve hit on my secret childhood dream profession. I won ‘author of the grade’ once when I was 10 for a picture book I wrote about monsters. Unfortunately, that was as far as my writing career went, so I have no advice to offer. All the best!

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