Tolerant People – A definition


I am writing this post to use as a response to people who say that because I have opinions and share them that I am some sort of hypocrite for calling my blog “Tolerant People.” I am going to explain the difference between tolerant and opinionated – now I know most of you who follow my blog understand the difference and respect that. However- when I post articles in response to other articles (like yesterday) I link to the blog here rather than fill up someone else’s post with my opinions on their writing. Sometimes that leads people to this blog who simply fail to read the post, or fail to read the entire post, or fail to get the point of the entire post because one sentence in there pissed them off somehow.

Yesterday I said racists were dumb assholes. That is an opinion. If however I said all racists should be shot and killed on sight and they don’t deserve to breathe or live in this country – well that would be intolerant. See the difference there? Just because I don’t value or follow everyone’s belief system, does not make me intolerant. If I tried to eliminate belief systems that differ from my own – that would be intolerant.

The idea of “Tolerant People” is to be tolerant of one another – not to agree. To have discussions about differing viewpoints but to do it in a way that promotes learning and discussion rather than judgment or the intent to ‘convert’ people to personal ideologies. For instance – you are against marriage equality and I am for it. Lets discuss why we feel the way we do and share our sources so that we LEARN. I don’t really care if you support marriage equality or not – you aren’t going to change my opinion on the issue unless you can provide a solid enough argument to make me rethink my views. However, I do love learning why people feel the way they do and it is your right to believe what you want to believe as it is my right. The fact that I believe differently than you is not intolerance.

I think our world would be a better place if we were tolerant of one another and our differing opinions. I don’t think we should all agree or that we should all believe the same things. I write stuff on here that catches my interest or is of some importance to me (or sometimes it’s just random thoughts I have) – and whether you agree or disagree with me is not the point. If you disagree I want to know why. If you agree I want to know why. In some instances we may disagree and you may present an argument that is so great I just might change my opinion – that is called learning. Using new information to to shape and expand on what I already know (or think I already know).

Also, I have never claimed to be some sort of saint. Nor do I think that my opinions are more valid than someone else’s  “Opinions are like assholes – everyone has one.” Now my writing of late has taken a slightly different tone than usual because I am frustrated – I am human. Sometimes I don’t care to find another nicer way to say “asshole” – sometimes I take great pains to use non-inflammatory words. It depends on my mood – because this is my blog I can have whatever emotion I want to have and express it however I want to express it. Until someone starts paying me to write I don’t have to edit for a specific audience or conform to some standard that some reader thinks I should maintain. This is my blog not a textbook or scientific journal. It is an online diary of sorts – a diary that I let you all read because I want to learn from you if you disagree or hear from like-minded people because it is nice to feel validated.

So anyway – the point here is not to call me out because I think racists are assholes. The point is for you to tell me why you think racists aren’t assholes and for us to discuss our differences of opinion in a tolerant way.

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