Conspiracy Theories, Aliens, and the New World Order


Okay, I am no expert on conspiracy theories, aliens, or the new world order. I pay attention though to some of these things because as with anything else in our world – nothing is really as it seems. So while some conspiracy theories are so ridiculous no one in their right mind would believe them, some of them are not only possible but probable. I tend to think that the ridiculous theories are out there to confuse and distract people from the truth of the ‘real’ theories. A good example of this is the Vatican coming out and saying, “Yeah sure – there is probably life in the universe other than here on earth.” This is a complete reversal of the stance they have held since the church was “founded” Why change their story on aliens but not on other scientifically proven facts? Why come out with this ‘theory’ now unless they know something we don’t (and they know lot’s of things that we aren’t privy to). Vatican admits Aliens are a possibility this link is to a story about the Vatican shift – I don’t know the credibility of the source I just wanted to point out the story. You can Google “Vatican + Aliens” and you can see many articles written on the subject – including the actual Vatican press release.

Here is another article I found that points out 33 Conspiracy Theories that turned out to be true.  Again, the source is from Alex Jones INFOWARS and I personally think Alex Jones is a waste of oxygen – but the fact remains that some of these crazy theories have indeed happened. In the interest of fairness – I included a source that is questionable just to be fair to those who think Alex Jones is the information messiah – the point though is that as individuals we need to do our own poking around to see what is really happening. Alex found 33 – and in other sources I have looked at there are 10 really good ones (and they are listed in his list of 33) that really were government conspiracies that were uncovered and revealed to be true.

What prompted this post this morning was an article a friend sent me and he asked me what I thought about it. Is there a Global depopulation agenda being played out? This article is interesting on a couple of levels – first it manages to squish together several different theories about the “Georgia Guidestones” and the Denver International Airport and the Masonic Apocalyptic messages and art that can be found there as well as the curious construction of the airport. I am going to apologize for all the links – I am just trying to offer some additional reading on stuff other than just my own crazy theories because my theories are kind of a giant conglomeration of every theory out there that I am aware of. I look for consistency, actual history, prophecy, faith, and world affairs to determine what I think goes together and what I think is a bunch of hyperbole. When it comes to this particular article I do not think that the Guidestones are related to the Denver Airport nor do I believe that the same people are behind the construction and purpose of both. I think the airport is a well documented smokescreen to play on our fears and to publicly and openly display messages to make us question and then easily dismiss the unbelievable (or to make it seem so unbelievable that no one will really pay attention). The biblical book of Revelation follows several ancient views on the end of our world as we know it. That book is the Christian version (and therefore the most widely accepted in our society in America) – but every people and every religion offers prophecy or insight into the destruction of our planet and the fact that few will survive this catastrophe. These prophecies also state that many nations will fall before the full destruction of our planet, and that many nations will rise in their place – but in the end the human race will be decimated and only a handful of the chosen will remain to repopulate and heal the earth and they will all live together and speak a universal language, i.e. God’s new kingdom on earth – heaven on earth after the apocalypse where the righteous will inherit the earth once again. Every religion has their own ideas about who those chosen will be but the fact remains that from ancient native legends to some of the crap we see on CNN all seem to point to the same ending and the same rebirth after a global incident of some kind (usually linked to WW III).

The Georgia Guidestones fascinate me and to be perfectly honest I think there is something there. Like the monoliths created around the world they were placed as eternal messages to be one day translated using a substance that is nearly indestructible. Even if blown to pieces like other major artifacts – even if the Georgia Guidestones are destroyed – someone will keep pieces of it and future generations may find those parts and put together their own theories as to what the entire message was and who wrote it. Who is to say that the Georgia Guidestones aren’t the modern Stonehenge? Why would someone go through building a modern monolith that contains the exact same messages as some of the obelisks uncovered in ancient Egypt? Why would they use granite as so many other cultures have? Why are the messages easy to decipher in modern times – but in a few thousand years may lose relevance to the current population living around it. Why like other monoliths are the creators and builders unknown? Why is this monolith aligned with the stars and the four directions and can function as a calendar, observatory, and a clock without modern technology?  Even today in an age where everyone can find out anything about anything – is this still a mystery?

My personal theory is that from ancient civilizations to current ones is that as human beings overpopulate and ruin our environment then something happens to calm us down. It is the cycle of our planet and we are the virus that plagues it. Like a virus, human beings adapt unreasonably fast to changes in our environment. When we are plagued with sickness – it is often something new introduced that decimates a certain portion of a strong population. We have been destroying entire civilizations with sickness more than any war in history. If we want to delve in to alien theory – we can say that these illnesses (the black plague, smallpox, Spanish flu etc.) Were simply viruses brought to populations that did not have the immune system to fight them off until we adapted to it. Human beings are certainly hard to eradicate completely but we can very easily wipe out huge portions of a population with the introduction of a simple virus. We also have the capacity to create new viruses like SARS for example that kill many but is used more of a sensationalist way to invoke fear in the populace. If a SARS virus were to be unleashed in America – do you not think there would be quarantines? That infected group people would be either killed or segregated from the rest of society.

That is where I think things like the Denver Airport and other “top secret” underground hiding places are being built. It isn’t to save humanity from nuclear war – I think it is more to try and control something that is coming that we aren’t even sure what it may be and as Hopi prophecies point out – these underground bunkers won’t work. Maybe it is similar to the ancient civilizations that built huge communities into cliff walls, and elaborate underground living spaces. The only thing I can put together from that is if it worked – they would still be here.

One thing through history that is irrefutably true, is that all great civilizations eventually fail and have to find new ways to survive not as a culture – but as one human race (then we branch off again with new language, new myths, and new belief systems and start all over again).  It also takes very simple changes to wipe out a population if that is your goal. If we manage to kill all the honeybees – humanity as we know it would almost certainly perish within years. Not hundreds of years, but in one human lifespan. However – if we limit the honeybee population and replace what they do with chemically altered food sources – we could survive for a while, but the sickness that would cause over time would easily reduce our population to much more manageable levels because we would be systematically killing the insects that contribute to our highly evolved immune systems and replacing them with generically altered foods that no longer help up fight infection but make us more susceptible to them (like cancer).

So is a new world order a bad thing? Is one global society such a stretch that we refuse to encourage it? I mean – look at the internet. This tool is representative of global communication. We can all of a sudden speak as one, and we are all seeking answers to the same questions. Maybe one global community is the answer that we have sought since the dawn of man – but we have this ego and this drive to control and conquer that gets in the way of that ideal. Every once in a while we get reminders – global catastrophic events where the world joins hands to assist (natural disasters, terrorism, war) all these things both separate and divide us – but in someways they unify us as well.

We are watching in real time right now the demise of our own government (on a global scale not just in the U.S.) A divide and conquer mentality that works. There is a reason we only have a two party system, and to think that they don’t actually work together behind closed doors just shows how easy we are as a populace to deceive. Like the Vatican, as more people catch on and ask questions, the more truth we can uncover. No theory is wrong until is it irrefutably proven false but until we get those theories out there and into the hands of the people outside the power structure – we are forced to live in compliance with what we are fed as reality.

I have a theory about who is really in charge, but I will save that for another post since this one is already far to long. If you want to do some research on your own, take a look at some of the Hopi Indian prophecies – I think they have something there and it is indicative of what is happening in modern times. I will leave you with the inscriptions from the Georgia Guidestones – basically it is a 10 commandments of sorts – and I honestly don’t think they are bad ideas to adopt. However – to adopt them means that we would have to change our entire way of thinking and maybe our refusal to do so will be what leads to our eventual demise.

The message in English reads:











So there are some issues with this as well. As we try to write “rules to live by” on a global scale – there will be people who misinterpret these ideas (I hate to Godwin’s law my own post – but Hitler is a pretty darn good example of this). Maybe he had good intentions – but even people with good intentions do unspeakable evil things when they try to make those intentions a reality. It is also the misinterpretation of messages that have been given to us over our entire existence. I don’t think these prophecies belong to one master race – I think these prophecies point to the fact that as a diverse world, as humans, we all want the same basic things and over time we come up with ways to make that a reality.  We are obviously not good at it because we constantly elevate ourselves (the white man, the red man, the yellow man, the brown man…) over others rather than join as one human race. The Hopi prophecies though point to all the people from all races forming this new world (Warriors of the Rainbow)  – even the white men who decimated their culture and populace has a place in this new earth. Maybe, that is the answer. “Can’t we all just get along?” The answer is no and we have never been able to do it – so whatever force out there that rules our human race (I think that force is nature itself) keeps making us try again until we get it right and who knows if we ever will.

So do you all think I am crazy yet? I think there is a little truth to every lie. I believe that those in power tell us only what they want us to hear. I find great value in ancient civilizations and the messages they tried to leave us. I think our universe operates on a scale that we will never fully comprehend. I believe that our purpose on this planet is to care for it and not destroy it. Like a parasite that lives on an animal but does not kill it – instead it helps it survive). We are a parasite and earth is our animal. We can adapt to strengthen our earthly host, or act in ways that destroy it and therefore destroy ourselves because it can no longer sustain us.

Do you have a conspiracy theory you believe in? Why? Do you think we have any control over our future or that we are predestined to destroy ourselves as so many other great civilizations have? Is it aliens? Government? The Illuminati? Do you have a theory that doesn’t fit with all the others? What is it? 


7 thoughts on “Conspiracy Theories, Aliens, and the New World Order

  1. VERY well said!

    Anyone who calls you names for open-mindedly considering all sides is either closed-minded, brainwashed, intellectually deficient…or all three. Keep up your thought-provoking blogs, as those of us who are likewise open-minded enjoy them. Besides, those of us who are courageous enough to think outside the box are the ones who blaze new awareness trails…

    That 1980 list of TEN in Georgia sounds reasonable to me, unlike the insufficient TEN delivered by Moses (that’s another story). I most like the inscription “Let these be guidestones to an Age of Reason”. This a reference to “The Age of Reason” by Thomas Paine. In that eye-opening book, Paine said: “My own mind is my church. All national institutions of churches appear to me no other than human inventions, set up to terrify and enslave mankind, and monopolize power and profit. I believe in one God, and no more; and I hope for happiness beyond this life. I believe in the equality of man; and I believe that religious duties consist in doing justice, loving mercy, and endeavoring to make our fellow-creatures happy.” ~AMEN~

    • Thank you Sarah! The “Age of Reason” on the stones is believed to be a reference to Thomas Paine. I REALLY want to go to Georgia and see this and I want to go on either the summer or winter equinox – because one thing all these monoliths have in common are awesome astrological events on the equinox dates. So before someone goes and tries to destroy them I would love to see what they ‘do’.

  2. The Georgia Guidestones are only about 90 mins. south of where I live in SC. A friend of mine (SC native) said she went there a few years ago, and struggled for words to describe the amazing energy she felt.. My husband and I travel to Atlanta occasionally for a weekend getaways, so perhaps we’ll take a detour and visit the Guidestones on our next trip.

    • If you do please comment again and share your experience! This stuff fascinates me!

      When I was in Egypt I know I felt a very real and different energy around some of the monuments. I also had crazy dreams the entire time I was there.

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