Yesterday I wrote about conspiracy theories and learned that you guys aren’t real fond of that sort of thing. I think 10 people read it. I try to talk about everything out there not just my personal employment situation or my social angst.  Posting everyday is hard sometimes subject-wise so when someone gives me something to write about I will usually write about it. I am a huge fan of conspiracy theories because honestly, I love seeing what people come up with to explain our world and the events that surround us. I am also fascinated with ancient cultures and their messages that were left behind that are completely lost to us or indecipherable at this time.

My post the other day, “Religion is Dangerous” got someone so riled up they called me a bigot and and atheist – I am a little offended by the bigot part and I don’t care about the atheist part. What people think my faith is or isn’t is really a non-issue for me. My faith doesn’t match up with any organized religion and if that makes me an atheist well I guess that guy was right (except an atheist has no faith so that guy was wrong). Also as many of you already know – if you ask me a question I will answer it. However I have decided to no longer waste my time with people who start off with personal attacks or who are so freaked out by some words on a screen that they feel name calling is an appropriate response.

Also, depending on the subject – I am not always writing about my personal belief system. Sometimes I play the devils advocate just to get people talking. I like taking the unpopular side of an argument and defending it even if it goes against what I actually think. One of my favorite things in school was debates. If I were a better student I totally would have joined a debate team and we would have won everything. People who know me, understand that I can talk with at least some factual knowledge about anything. Even if that factual knowledge is “I don’t know a darn thing about that” I will go find out about it and come back to the conversation later armed with at least some information and usually a perspective that is – well to put it nicely – unique.

Also, I’ve written over 100 posts now and someone yesterday read every single one of them. Who are you and how long did that take? Hell, I couldn’t even sit and read everything I’ve written in one day. My sleuth skills tell me that it is someone maybe trying to figure me out. Maybe it was the guy who called me a bigot. Hopefully it was someone who wanted to check out my writing skills and hire me (wishful thinking). Even when I find blogs I LOVE I don’t read every single post they ever wrote. So anyway – that makes me curious.

I had originally planned on writing today about my own conspiracy theories or how I have put several different theories together to make one that actually kind of makes sense (to me anyway). However, I decided to scrap that for now since it is no fun to write posts that people don’t want to talk about. So that left me with a writing black hole for today – which kind of sucks because I woke up early. It’s 4am and I don’t have anything to write about.

I have been maintaining my media blackout. I still haven’t watched the news and I have abandoned Facebook (mostly) to watch the Sopranos DVD set I got for Christmas. I know, I am a little late to the Sopranos phenomenon but I seriously love that show. I have an unhealthy love of mob and mafia stuff and the fact that this was a ‘modern day’ mob story – well I just love it. I had no interest in it until I met the guy who played Anthony Junior (Robert ller) at a poker tournament in Atlantic City. Everyone was whispering , “That’s Anthony Jr.!!” I mean everybody. This poor kid can’t get away from it and the show has been over for a while now. I had never heard of the kid so I was the only one out of hundreds of people who wasn’t star struck on some level. Hes a smoker and so am I so we had a nice cigarette chat – and I think he was relieved that I didn’t mention the Sopranos even once (until he did because of some other people who wanted to meet him came outside). We talked about poker. I asked him if it annoyed him that he can’t just hang out without the whispers, and he just shrugged his shoulders.

It was weird watching the Sopranos after meeting him – the guy I met was an adult and now I am watching him grow up on this show; he was like 10 when he first started.  If I ever run into him again, which is possible (dude is a pretty good poker player) and if I ever have money again I will start playing tournaments again, but I think I would still just stand outside and bitch about the hand I should have won, rather than how much I enjoyed him in the Sopranos.

Anthony Jr. aside – I really miss my poker fixes. I love poker. I am good at it – not great; you will never see me on T.V. but I am good enough to go to A.C. play the cheap tournaments and finish in a place that usually covers my buy-in and dinner. I do love the game though. Maybe tomorrow I’ll write about poker and the joy that casinos and airports give me. Casinos and airports – the two best places to people watch and the two best places to talk to complete strangers without them thinking you are some sort of weirdo. If I tell Stephanie I need my “people fix” she knows that means an overnight trip to A.C. to play poker and talk to strangers. Also, I am not a crazy gambler. I play poker, and if I do well there I mosey over to some of the table games. I usually spend no more than $100 of my own money – most of what I play with belongs to the casino (or other poker players) and the casino usually gets it back – but I am just happy to play games for a while and talk to people. If I ever managed to win a huge amount of money I would probably pee myself right there on the casino floor. I wonder if that has ever happened.

So Dear Readers, I guess I am done rambling for today. Since I am up so early, maybe I’ll work on that book for a while.



14 thoughts on “Rambling

  1. I think it’s kind of strange that more people didn’t take to yesterday’s blog. You would think that more people would be interested in what is going on in the world around them.
    I think the reason is one of two things. It either scares people too much to imagine what a human being is capable of and it scares them so much that entertaining the thoughts for even a second would interfere considerably with their every day lives. The other reason I think people didn’t take to it is because people are FED up. I know I am.
    I am fed up with our Government, our politicians in general, our media and mostly the American people. I hear so many people speak up complaining about stuff but where are the people who can speak up about the solutions. It’s as though people believe that some magical person or thing is going to come along and make things right. I don’t get that.
    Either way I thought it was an interesting take on some of the unexplained things in our world. As always your perspective and your writing is appreciated. Keep up the good work!

    • I don’t think it’s strange that more people didn’t read yesterdays post (although I really liked that one) – I follow quite a few blogs and I don’t read them all everyday. I would be here forever.

      As far as conspiracy theories go, I think when the end comes I am going to Hopi reservation to join the clan. The last time the end of the world happened – they were “hidden” for so long that when they reemerged it became their creation myth that they came from under the earth and were saved by the “Star People or Sky Friends” until the earth healed itself. So screw government – I want to be friends with the Star People. 🙂

  2. Like you, I don’t ready everyone’s daily blog, so I missed yours yesterday. Actually, I’ve been too busy with the rest of my life to read much of anything. For not having anything to write this morning, it appears that rambling works just as well. I hope you get back to your poker. I miss the Harley riding. so I understand what it’s like to really love something that doesn’t fit into your pocketbook. It sucks. That’s it from me, I took the day off and, so, I need to go accomplish something. Happy Friday!

    • Yeah, I don’t expect everyone to read this everyday. I know I certainly don’t read everyone else’s posts everyday. I do a lot of reading but I would be here forever if I read everything everyday so I completely understand. 🙂

      As for poker, yes – it was the first hobby to go when unemployment took over. I didn’t play much – usually once or twice a month, but I do miss it. I would be happy to just to go a store and buy something at this point LOL. I miss buying stuff. 🙂

  3. How do you know someone read every one of your posts? I’m new to blogging, and I really cannot figure out how to interpret the stats. If you are amenable to explaining it, I’d love to know what I’m actually looking at when I look at stats. 🙂

    • No Problem Derb. On your stat page there is a section called “Top posts & pages” It will tell you how many time a certain post was clicked on. Now I don’t know if someone actually read all of them, but I could tell from those stats that they had at least clicked on every single post. It also helped that it was at 4am and no one else had viewed the blog that day yet. So I had something like 86 views and only 1 visitor. The day topped out with 133 views – and 20 visitors, so that just means someone out there did a lot of clicking and reading.

      I learned the Stats page by obsessing about it LOL I read all the WordPress articles on what they meant (and some of them I still don’t understand either).

      • Believe it or not, I’m still such a newbie, learning this WordPress stuff, that I did not see that you had even responded to this until just this second when I noticed that there is an UNREAD comments spot on my comments page. Sometimes I embarrass myself, let alone my grown children. LOL! Thanks for taking the time to answer. I’ll get this one day.

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