Best Season of Survivor EVER (No Spoiler)


I realize that most of the world has left Survivor behind for things like Honey Boo Boo and other useless T.V. shows, but I am still a fan of Survivor. I’m not saying that Survivor isn’t also useless, I just really enjoy it. I got hooked on it when I was stationed in Italy and my American shows in English were limited. Survivor was one of those shows I could watch there and I have been a fan ever since.

Now the finale was last night and I know many of you either forgot or have it on your DVR so I won’t spoil who won. I will say though that since I have been watching (since about season 11) this was by far the best season ever – and I usually HATE it when they bring old players back. I enjoy the process of watching people figure things out and having repeat players sort of spoils all that. This season however – it worked.

I LOVE Cochran, Malcom, and Brenda. All the other players were just there for entertainment. I really enjoyed that they brought Cochran back because we have the same sense of humor (self defeating) and sometimes in social situations we are too smart for our own good. Malcom is a survivor genius and even though I play for the other team – he one seriously good looking dude. Brenda – even though she did have a small melt-down she is one of the most stoic and spiritual players out there. Having those three in the game together made this season what it was.

You have all the other usual suspects, the pretty dumb girls, the arrogant dumb guys, the pretty people, a nut job or two, and one or two people there for drama alone (Phillip, Brandon, Shamar).

You see there is a part of me that would LOVE to apply for Survivor and I think if I did – they would put me on the show. However, I don’t because I would be the whack job that freaks out on people. If someone like Shamar told me to go get him some rice I would just throw rocks at him until he shuts up. Phillip wouldn’t have lasted a day. I would have slapped Dawn like on the movie “Airplane!” repeatedly. Yeah. I wouldn’t survive, and also as much as I like to think I am some sort of bad ass because I was in the Army – I know that in reality I am huge baby with a much bigger imagination than actual physical prowess. I think I would last about 8 days. People would like me at first – then I would start to lose it on the stupid people, and then BAM – the tribe has spoken. Not to mention the fact that without coffee and cigarettes everyone’s life would be in danger even if I liked them.

This season was great because there were some seriously smart people playing. It was crazy. I can usually pick the winner on the first day out there. I can almost always pick the top three with accuracy. This season though I stopped guessing. I had my favorites, but I was really left wondering in the end who would actually win. Until the jury started talking – of the three who were left, I was sure it was going to be a close vote. Of course – once the jury started talking – the winner was obvious and I am super pleased with the choice.

I will of course watch next season, but I really can’t imagine it getting any better.

I will spoil one thing about the finale – so if you haven’t watched it yet stop reading. It’s not really important and doesn’t really give anything away though…

Why did they not talk to Shamar at the finale? He was the worst representation of a service member (a Marine no doubt) that I have ever seen. I really wanted to know what people said to him after the show about his despicable, lazy, ignorant behavior on the show. On the show he said he only served 4 years – my response to that was that he was probably denied reenlistment or kicked out of the Marine Corps after four years because he is a lazy, selfish jerk and I bet no one in his company liked him. I would bet money on it. I wanted to find out and they didn’t tell us. That was my only disappointment this season. I wanted to see him realize what an ass he looked like on national T.V. and if he realized that he made every Marine look bad. Of all the seasons I have watched – he was absolutely the worst person I have ever seen out there. If they bring him back I will scream.

4 thoughts on “Best Season of Survivor EVER (No Spoiler)

  1. I used to be hooked on Survivor, but stopped watching a few years back. I got sick of people whining, “She lied to me! He stabbed me in the back! You were supposed to be part of MY alliance!” I wondered if some of those people ever watched previous seasons as they didn’t understand the concept of the show – that you might have to lie or be devious to survive. Duh! Anyhow, I’m glad it was a good, enjoyable season for you. I’ve moved onto dancing shows and The Voice for my reality fix and just shoot me if I ever start watching Honey BooBoo. Yikes!

    • LOL Bikerchick! Yeah they do whine a lot. I think it is part of the dynamic of the game that we don’t see. I mean they make these people trust each other and get close to each other and then they force them to betray one another. I think even when you know it is going to happen, it still sucks – and everyone goes into he game thinking that THEY will play it differently. I do get annoyed with the ones who get really pissed about it too but I understand it. This season you missed the best betrayal EVER. It even involved missing teeth!

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