Let’s be realistic…


I know that is hard for people to do these days. Being realistic means that sometimes we have to concede certain points even if we don’t want too. For instance, the “Umbrella-Gate” thing against the President. As someone who has done a number of ridiculous things in the military to make the lives of my leaders easier – I can say that service members have been holding umbrellas for politicians probably since the umbrella was invented. What amazes me is the first criticism of this was from Sarah Palin and haven’t even Republicans gotten to the point where she is irrelevant? I don’t know, I just can’t wrap my head around the behavior of the ‘right’ these days. I guess I don’t mind, they are pretty much handing us liberals the house, senate, and White House in 2014 and 2016. So they can just keep doing this stuff – it is going to work in my favor eventually.

In other news – a Florida teen was expelled from school and is having felony charges pressed against her for having a lesbian relationship. Here’s the caveat and the ‘realistic’ part; as much as we all know that this is a witch hunt – this kid did technically break the law. Now we all know that kids date each other especially in High School and don’t pay attention to the fact that they may have turned 18 and having a 16 year old boyfriend or girlfriend is illegal. Most parents won’t press charges – but many parents do. This isn’t a gay issue by itself. It is an issue of parents not liking who their kid is dating and see a way to make them stop. Many young men have been charged with statutory rape because they dated girls who were ‘underage’ and in almost ALL cases it was the girls parents who pursued those charges. Most of the time these charges are dropped, or the kid gets probation and is prohibited from dating the underage girl. So just because these girls are lesbian – well, if we want equal rights under the law – it applies in this situation too. If they were a heterosexual couple the parents could have made the same decision to press charges, and the school could have made the same decision to expel the older student. What this should do is shed light on the fact that charging any kid in HS with something like this that will follow them for the rest of their lives (and in some cases require registration on the sex offender list) is a purely selfish endeavor from overbearing parents. Parents who use the statutory rape and in this case “sexual battery on a person 12-16 years old” against kids just because they don’t like who their kid is dating should be prosecuted for wasting taxpayer money and holding up the court system. The outrage from the LGBT community on this one is a bit of an overreaction I think. This happens to lots of kids – we are just seeing more with homosexual kids now because they are coming out earlier and dating more openly. It is going to cause some problems – especially with uptight parents. We want the law to apply equally – and in this case it is – no matter how ridiculous we think the charges are.

Finally, I am getting annoyed with all the violent hate speech that is going on and nothing is being done about it. A radio host said on the air that he wants to “Shoot Hillary Clinton in the vagina.” Seriously. I am all for free speech, but when that speech takes on a violent and threatening tone it becomes hate speech – and I thought we frowned on that. I thought the FCC regulated that. Not only did he say she should be shot in the vagina, he said he wanted to do it. He said he wanted to watch her die a slow and painful death. This isn’t political commentary; this isn’t free speech – this is ignorance, threats, and open violence against a fellow American citizen. If I were to say something like this about someone on my Facebook page – I could have a restraining order placed against me, I could be arrested for inciting violence, and for making threats. Why are these radio hosts not being held accountable to their words? Why all of a sudden is it okay to threaten the life of our elected officials, their children, and other citizens? Sure sometimes when these guys go off the deep end like this – advertisers pull their ads, but really – this should be a crime. More so than the kids dating in high school. Obviously he isn’t the first (and won’t be the last) person in the media to speak like this, but why are we allowing it? Why aren’t we holding people to task for stuff like this? If this radio host were a Muslim and called for the death of any elected leader or citizen – they would be scooped up in a heartbeat and arrested for terroristic threats. However, when a white guy does it – it is free speech? It makes no sense to me.

It seems to me that we have lost the ability to look at things realistically. We create our own reality and stick to that even in the face of things like facts and logic. We get outraged about two kids dating each other in high school, but look the other way when people threaten to shoot people – and then we wonder why our Country is in the toilet. We spend all our time focusing on who is holding the President’s umbrella, and look the other way when congress votes to repeal the Affordable Care Act for the 38th time wasting taxpayer money. Maybe it is just easier to focus on those things that don’t matter – because paying attention to the things that do is harder and demands some sort of action other than just talking about our outrage.

We talk about wanting to leave a better country for our children – and yet we spend our time ignoring climate change and allowing radio hosts to threaten the lives of others with no ramifications. We wonder why kids shoot each other, but fail to see that “shooting someone” is an ideal that is encouraged by the media. I don’t know – it is just mind boggling to me. That is why I have had to take a break from news and media. We just aren’t focusing on things that matter. The amount of hate speech and violence even in the news is disgusting – and yet we wonder why kids are learning to solve their problems with violence. Kids can’t go see an “R” rated film, but they can listen to a radio show that talks about a real person shooting another real person in the vagina and his desire to watch her die. Yeah… that makes sense.

So I don’t have a solution. I wish I had one, but the only real solution is to hold people accountable to their words and actions. I can’t make people do that. I can’t force people to be realistic when they insist on focusing on things that don’t matter in the grand scheme of things. I really do wish there was something I could do or say that would change the conversation but people are so entrenched in their own reality that they can’t see the damage they are doing and have no desire to be made aware. It’s frustrating.

6 thoughts on “Let’s be realistic…

  1. My thoughts: 1) Sarah Palin, UGH! 2) Radio host, UGH! The news and media have really become about sensationalizing everything rather than responsible, peaceful and sane reporting. Plus, you have politicians who want to make a big deal out of umbrellas and vote against anything that doesn’t have their hand in it – good or bad. I’m not sure what the solution is, but I seem to be happier on the days I don’t watch the news. I was watching the ABC political hour with George this morning and started getting in a tither, which is not a good thing to do before heading to church 😉

    • Maybe getting into a tither before church is the best time LOL Church on some level may help you with your societal angst! The news and media are complete and utter nonsense right now. The only thing I trust anymore are bloggers like myself who talk about the issues from the perspectives they live in. I can take that information and interpret it anyway I want – but I put no more confidence in MSNBC than I do with my own posts.

  2. I agree with how this unrealism is contributing to our ‘state of affairs’ in America. These examples are both appalling and so is what the radio host said. They all happened on our watch.

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