Bedrooms of the Fallen

Memorial Day

Memorial Day has always been important to me. My Mom made sure I understood about patriotism and the sacrifices that many have made in the name of freedom and the ideal of our nation. My Mom came of age during Vietnam and like many of her friends she knew many who went to serve or were drafted who never made it home. When I joined the Army – it was something that made my Mom extremely proud and while she passed away before I had to serve in a time of war, she never let me forget that I was a part of history. I carry the memories of the fallen with my service. Just like those who serve now, and will continue to serve; remembering those who have gone before us is an important part of our service.

Over this holiday weekend, I have many people thank me for my service and while I appreciate the sentiment – today is not my day. Today is a day to remember those who gave all. Those who perished in the defense of freedom. Today is a day to thank the families of those who died – because they bear the true burden of sacrifice.

In this slideshow are photos of the bedrooms of a few fallen Service Members from Iraq and Afghanistan. It is easier I think to look at a gravestone than these photos. A gravestone doesn’t give you insight into the person who served – it is just a stone. These pictures reflect the personalities, accomplishments, and hobbies of those who made the ultimate sacrifice. These bedrooms are in homes of some of the surviving family members – parents most likely. A constant reminder that their son or daughter died serving their country. For them – everyday is Memorial Day.

I was so moved by this photo project that I just had to share it. I hope that you will watch it and truly look at these pictures and take a minute to remember that our fallen are mostly kids who leave behind bedrooms filled with their own lives and memories. It is a truly moving and enlightening way to remember those who gave all and those who have a bedroom in their home that may never be slept in again.

Bedrooms Of The Fallen – A photography project about the bedrooms of men and women who died serving the US in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars.

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