How do you stay informed?


Someone conducted a survey and found that people who watch Fox News are less informed about the world around them than those who don’t watch any news at all. Honestly, this doesn’t surprise me. Fox spends a majority of it’s time outside reality so how could someone who only watches that be informed about anything ‘real’?

Now I don’t live under a rock. I realize that every news organization has it’s own bias. In fact I used to watch NBC news, but they are annoying the crap out of me so really the Internet is my news source. I will read the same story by several different news outlets and bloggers and form my own opinions from there, but I also understand that most people don’t have the time on their hands like I do (to read everything).

A lot of my blog posts are inspired by articles I read, and many times I try to jump ahead of what I think will ‘trend’ and write about it. Depending on which article I snag, I may not be correct. I am not a news source. I will form an opinion based on what I read, and then write about it from that perspective. It doesn’t mean I am right. It just means I am writing based on what is out there.

One example of this is the article I wrote about Kaitlyn Hunt. When I wrote that it was right after the story broke. As I am not an investigator or a reporter, I went off the information that was provided by a ‘reliable news source’. However, I don’t know if you guys have noticed what I do when I pull these articles. I wasn’t purely focused on just Ms. Hunt and her specific situation – I wrote mostly about the laws in our country and how we enforce them with kids in high school relationships. I do this because even as more facts come out in this particular case, there is still an underlying issue that should be addressed.  In this case that underlying issue is putting children on the sex offender registry for life for having a HS relationship and the fact that we don’t prepare children for the responsibilities they face as adults. It isn’t just about these two girls and their families and it certainly wasn’t a case about lesbians – this is an issue that many straight men (boys) have been subjected to since these laws were put in place. So while I am no expert, I try to see through the story and find the underlying issues that the media is failing to represent.

My goal with this blog is always to provide a unique point of view, or try to encourage conversation about things happening in the world around us either by sharing my perspective on the daily news, or by sharing something personal that has some underlying message. Obviously I am just as biased as Fox news only in the complete opposite direction. I mean I am a liberal hippie nerd lesbian and reformed bible thumper and what I write is slanted that way even when I am reaching for all audiences and welcome anyone who is willing to discuss anything. Sometimes – like Fox news, I just can’t help myself.

However, if any of you are reading my blog as some sort of news source – stop it. I am just an opinionated person sitting at my computer trying to make sense of the world around me. I do try to be impartial, or break down an issue to where no matter what your beliefs are that you can find some value in what I am saying, however- I am an imperfect person, and unless it is a truly educational blog, I don’t research past the article that I am highlighting and I always include the link so that you guys can see for yourselves what I am reacting to. That’s about as fair and balanced as I get.

All of this just speaks the the power of perspective. Three people can witness the exact same event and describe it three different ways. It doesn’t mean that any of those perspectives are wrong, it just means that people bring different life experiences to what we see around us and develop opinions based on those experiences. Think of it like a group of people watching an airplane fly by. In America, people don’t look twice – we see them everyday. However fly an airplane over a small island of people who have never seen an airplane and they will worship it like a God. Perspective.

Now when it comes to actual news sources – we hold them to a higher standard (or at least we should). These are people who are paid to present us with stories about our world. All bias aside, the base of the stories should be based in truth and reality. Fox news doesn’t do that. They have been proven over and over again that they have no integrity and they manufacture stories out of nothing. They twist the truth – they do not report on it. They ignore stories that don’t fit with their ideology, and that is a dangerous place for journalists to be.  It is one thing to report with a conservative bias – it is another thing altogether to ignore the truth and manufacture fear. I think people who watch only Fox news are dangerous. The amount of bigotry and hate that is spewed by this ‘news’ organization is contagious. They ignore things like facts in order to perpetrate their agenda. This is not reporting. This is not news. Their style is indoctrination and if that is your only source for information then you are victim to their tactics and you are unwillingly uninformed (and they want to keep you that way). A fearful populace is one that is easily controlled – and the folks at Fox understand that and profit from it.

I guess the moral of my story here is to spread out at least a little when it comes to the information you seek. Every reporter, blogger, or news station has a bias. Obviously you will be drawn to those news sources that speak directly to your personal perspective and bias – however, it never hurts to see what the other side is saying. It never hurts to go beyond your ‘trusted’ news source to see what other perspectives are out there. Who knows – you may learn something. You may actually change your opinions on something if you have more information. We have a ton of resources today to ensure that the information we get is accurate. Liberal or conservative – if you watch only one news source, you are not getting the whole story. It is engineered that way.

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