I can’t decide…


I can’t figure out what I want to write about this morning. There is a lot of things to choose from though. The Supreme Court is expected to rule on DOMA, Prop 8, Affirmative Action, and Voting Rights before the end of their current session that ends near the end of June. These aren’t minor decisions. All of these decisions will affect millions of people and our current Supreme Court Justices are as unpredictable as the weather.


I can’t help but to be worried and anxious about what may happen here. They managed to eliminate the ability to protest outside on the court grounds, and I think they did that because that courtyard would be full this month. I also know that they don’t really care about who is holding up signs on the steps, but the fact that they are not allowing people to do that speaks volumes as to where they are going with their decisions, and that scares me. Maybe, they don’t want people in the courtyard because they know they are about to hand down decisions that will be unpopular and they don’t want to see or face the repercussions of what they are about to do.

There is so much emotion on both sides of all these issues, that the potential for conflict upon a decision is sort of inevitable. Americans have proven that we don’t handle things well. For instance, should the court strike down affirmative action – you will have a bunch of pissed off minorities. If they strike down DOMA you will have pissed off religious freaks who may respond with violence. With all of these cases, the potential for a volatile reaction is high no matter which side wins/loses.

So there is all of that to write about. Then there is the subject of racism and just how rampant and obvious it is right now. I have been collecting a bunch of racist rants from several different articles and comments that I will eventually turn into a blog because people seem to think that racism isn’t happening. Apparently the people who believe this don’t look at anything on the Internet other than cat pictures. Even cat pictures have racist comments on them … and that to me just speaks volumes about how rampant racism is, and how accepted it is in our society.

I remember when I was younger if you were an ignorant racist moron, you hung out with your own, and kept your ridiculous opinions to yourself and your own little circle of racist friends/family. Now though, a picture of President Obama playing with his children is a free pass to discuss the social habits of monkeys. No one seems to have a problem with this.

Then, there is the positive stuff happening right now. My garden is doing well, my health is getting better, and my relationship is awesome even though our lives aren’t. My blog yesterday about Father’s Day garnered some very interesting and uplifting responses and messages. One reader did some online searching and sent me the results in an email, another friend offered to pay for what I needed in order to get the documents I need to find my family, and I received a call (that I missed because I turn my phone off 99% of the time) from an old friend and mentor whose voice I haven’t heard in over 20 years and just hearing his voice and his message made my heart happy.


So yeah, basically, I have a ton of things I could write about today and yet I think I would just rather go outside for a while and walk through the park and spend some time just with me and my own thoughts. Maybe tomorrow I will share some of them with all you good people, but for now… I think I am done sitting at the computer!

Have a great day people!

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