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What do you search for?

One of my favorite things about hosting on WordPress is the fact that I get to see the search terms that people use that lead them to my blog. Sometimes I see one and I really want to answer them. There are certain posts that I have written that come up almost everyday in the search engine terms and for the most part it is these two: Happy Birthday to the most wonderful woman ever and Local News: Boobs and the Pope. Those two are viewed almost everyday because apparently, people want advice on how to say Happy Birthday to someone, and/or they like boobs.

Then there are serious ones that come up. I have had search terms about suicide, depression, medications etc. and I can’t help but worry about the people who type, “I’m feeling suicidal” into Google and it leads them here (which is why I included the suicide prevention hotlines on my posts about depression). Whether it is from something I have written, or something else they find through their search, I sincerely hope they find the peace they seek and get the help they need. It makes me feel responsible for the things I put out there. That’s a good thing I think. It makes me accountable to the things I write, and because I write about some tough subjects – it stands to reason that I am not the only one thinking about these things. Sometimes though – I see these search terms and just want to respond personally.

For the most part though the search terms make me laugh. When I wrote My ammo pouches carried tampons and cigarettes I had no idea how many recruiters were telling young women that tampons are readily available in a combat zone, or that so many potential recruits were picking their jobs in the military based on the chances they would actually have to go to combat.

search engine termsI mean I guess it’s good that people are finding answers here for whatever is on their minds. While my tampon story is rather extreme and can be solely blamed on my inability to remain prepared, I think it is kind of fun that young women are finding my post through Google and getting a small, and hopefully funny reality check – and hopefully they will learn to never run short of tampons while deployed. I think it is a good lesson. 🙂

“Will I have to fight in combat if I am a Human Resource Specialist?” LOL I want to respond to this one so bad I wish I knew how to find the person who wrote it. If they search it again – I’ll just put the answer out there for them. Yes. Maybe. You will probably be deployed and do a job that has nothing to do with Human Resources. I was a glorified truck driver and security person with a dash of maid and hostess. The Army doesn’t care what you MOS is – they will use you for whatever they need to use you for ESPECIALLY if you are a HR Specialist. We are like the jack of all trades for the military. Short a gunner? Go get the HR Spec. Need the post cleaned? Go get the HR Spec. Need someone to wash the towels at the gym? HR. See my point? I was an HR specialist for 15 years and I only worked as an HR specialist for like 3 of them. The rest of the time I was doing other stuff. At least for part of that time I got to pretend to be a journalist – that was my favorite.

The other post that gets “found” quite often is Where do you see yourself in 5 years?. I understand this one. Half of the freaking country is looking for work and this is the number one interview question asked by potential employers. I feel kind of bad that my post on this subject was full of sarcasm and honesty, because that won’t get anyone a job. Don’t take my advice people. Go to Career Builder and get job advice from them. My tactics obviously don’t work as I am still unemployed. Good luck on your job search though!

So yeah. I look at the search engine terms everyday. Some of them entertain me, some of them worry me, and some of them – well I am glad they found my little blog.

Have you searched for something through Google and gotten redirected to someones blog? Were you able to find your answers there? 





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