History has been made!!


I honestly don’t know where to start here! I am elated and hopeful! I am excited and proud! The Defense of Marriage Act was ruled unconstitutional today, and Prop 8 was tossed out which makes marriage equality in California legal once again! I have been glued to the computer and T.V. for the last hour and a half, and I watched as the rulings came down with tears of joy and victory and hope streaming down my face. It is amazing to me to be a part of something so monumental, and considering my feelings of hopelessness lately, this was a much needed affirmation that our country while flawed tends to do the right thing in the long run.

When I wrote History in the making I was scared to hope for such a victory even though that is what I believed should happen. With a very conservative Supreme Court, it was quite the roller-coaster of emotions watching news coverage and learning more about how the Justices might rule. I answered over a hundred questions on that post because it was Freshly Pressed so many many people chimed in on the issue. Some were supportive, some weren’t but for the most part everyone was respectful and there was a great conversation happening.

I can’t even really begin to express how happy I am to have been able to even in some small way influence the conversation in our country about the issue, and I do have to give a shout out to the WordPress editors that shared that with an audience I never would have reached on my own. My whole point in that post was the Constitution, and thankfully, the SCOTUS did their jobs today (well 5 of them did anyway) and ruled for equality and eliminated the stigma of being second-class citizens.

While we still have work to do – 37 States still do not allow for marriage equality, but the law is now on the side of equality instead of against it and it is only a matter of time before the legality of denying rights to some in the country while giving them to others is ruled unconstitutional – and all States WILL eventually have to bend to the will of the people. Yes even you Texas.

I want to take this time also to thank all of you who support equality. No matter your race, religion, sexual preference or identity you have all helped to make this decision happen. If not for all voices together – this conversation would not have gotten this far. So thank you from the very bottom of my heart to all allies of equality and justice. Today we won!

Now we have to work on that Voting Rights issue… we still have much to fix in our country, but I do believe the momentum is shifting in a positive direction for once. The American people are tired of obstruction and inequality, we are tired of corporations dictating our rights and freedoms, and we are working for a better America. We have to keep up the good fight and be louder then those who would try to oppress us and take our freedoms from us, and if today is any indication – we are finally on the right track once again.

What an amazing day!!!

5 thoughts on “History has been made!!

    • Oh it’s a happy day. There is still a lot to fight for. There are still going to be hate and intolerance, and there is still much much work to be done – but NOTHING nothing at all can take away my joy right now.

  1. I’ve been stalking your blog since I read your earlier posting today and heard DOMA come down subsequently.

    These are the moments I try to hold on to when I get overwhelmed with the current state of affairs in our country.


    • I was seriously making myself sick with worry. I am the anxious but hopeful type and those two both got their time in the spotlight today! OUr country right now frightens me, and I for one really needed some good news, some progress, some hope. While I am still very disappointed in the SCOTUS decision on the Voting Rights Act – I am hoping that we will be able to overcome that as well.

      I will hold on to this moment for many many years to come! Thank you for your support as always!!

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