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I didn’t post yesterday because I was having a small meltdown about being unemployed and just general disgust with everything going on right now. Sometime I want to write when I am feeling that way – I started to post yesterday about 5 different times, but eventually decided that you guys didn’t need to hear about my negative attitude without me at least having something positive to say.

For today’s post, I kind of wanted to wait until the SCOTUS releases the verdict on Prop 8 and DOMA, but after seeing what they did to the Voting Rights Act, I am not as hopeful as I was two days ago. I guess I have gotten complacent about the attitudes in America about homosexuals. I am extremely pleased of course that now over half of our country supports our fight for equality, however, the SCOTUS is obviously not ruling on behalf of the people, they are ruling on party lines and my guess is loads and loads of cash.

Then there is Sen. Wendy Davis who tried to filibuster the abortion bill being pushed through TX legislature, and despite Republicans ending her vigil early, they still missed the midnight deadline and for now a woman’s right to choose and seek safe places for medical treatment are safe-ish. I mean we know this isn’t the last we have heard about it, but the absolute heroics of Sen. Wendy Davis made something most Americans would not have even been aware of; not only aware, but angry and active. I doubt the halls will be empty when the Republicans try to bring this bill up again. Thanks to her, TX legislature no longer operates in a bubble that most Americans ignore.

It seems the big stories right now are circulating around racism (Paula Deen, the Trayvon Martin trial, the Voting Rights Act being essentially made ineffective), Women’s health and the GOP’s unreasonable fascination with our lady parts and what we do with them, and the pending SCOTUS decision for marriage equality. I mean that’s a lot of stuff. That is a lot of unnecessary stuff. For real – we should be spending our time on this crap – unless it is to fight and change it. I don’t know, it just angers me that we spend so much time trying to take away rights from people rather then trying to protect the rights of everyone.

It’s all a bit overwhelming, and for the first time in my life I am ashamed to call myself an American. I do not recognize my country anymore. To come from having a completely patriotic heart, to being ashamed of the country I was willing to die for is pretty sad. They always say that things get worse before they get better, but I honestly don’t see things getting better anytime soon. With the Voting Rights Act being effectively decimated, the GOP can cheat their way to house control for at least the next election (2014). They won’t win the White House in 2016 – especially if Hillary throws her hat in the ring, but they may maintain control of congress and to think of even another two years of these do-nothing crybabies makes me want to move to a more progressive country until we figure out how to be humane to others, go back to being the land of opportunity and promise, and welcome back a strong middle class where we take our country back from the corporations and the disgustingly wealthy.

I guess I am just tired. On top of that, I feel a more than a little helpless and useless right now. So anyway, I’ll keep this short today because I will probably write more later after the SCOTUS renders their decision. I am daring to hope that at least some positive change will happen at least in the DOMA case. I don’t see how they can allow the federal government to deny rights to those legally married (by the States that allow it). Let the waiting game continue…

I’ll leave you with a video that shows just how real racism is – and why the Voting Rights Act IS still relevant today (especially today with our racist, bigoted, evil GOP). This video shows the different reactions from people watching someone trying to steal a bike. The first thief is white male, the second a black male, and the third an attractive female. The reactions may or may not surprise you but it does clearly show that our attitude toward those of color are full of stereotypes, and if it effects your decision to call the cops or not – it certainly will effect the decision to ask for ID at the voting booth.


One thought on “So much going on!

  1. I saw that on the Oprah Network. Society scares me sometimes. It really and truly does. People not getting involved (They mention that at 2:03) is really a concept that just blows my mind. People absolutely should be involved and shouldn’t be afraid to tell people when they think that someone is doing the wrong thing ethically, morally, legally, etc. We shouldn’t be afraid of confrontation if without that confrontation it means we could have a part of hurting somebody. The racial profiling just sickens me. I think it goes back to the issues of slavery- the slaveholders felt that they were more “human” and they used the Bible as an excuse to marginalize those they enslaved- all a load of crap, but it worked. Slaves were “things” not “people” so they had nothing- everything they owned belonged to the slaveholders. (Even if it was rightfully theirs.) Slaveholders felt that enslaved people “needed to be taken care of” they were “helping” and I think the expectation that we have of those who are African-American goes back to that- “They’re more likely to steal because they’ have nothing of their own.”

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