A quick post

I know I said I was taking the weekend off, but then I saw this kid on Ellen and thought, “You know, more people need to hear what this kid has to say!”

So I won’t be talking to you today – however, kids today really are so much more aware then I was at his age. It doesn’t matter what cause you are fighting for, the point I think is to find your voice. This blog is mine. It isn’t much really – I don’t think I will ever say anything that will land me on Ellen (of course, if I did I would be completely stoked). However, hearing about gay rights from a 40 year old is much less profound I think than hearing about a 14 year old standing up for a teacher who wouldn’t allow discrimination and hate in his classroom. Also he was brave enough to “come out of the closet” to his friends and their reaction also shows the changing attitudes about being gay in our country. Seriously, I am so proud of today’s youth, and this kid, Graham Taylor is a shining example of the changing attitudes, and the dedication of our youth to change the attitudes in our country.

Children really are our future and if this young man is any indication of our future – I for one am looking forward to living in a much better and loving society.

Watch the video.

2 thoughts on “A quick post

  1. This young man certainly gives hope for the future. He is unique but not alone. There is good news and hope that we need to continue to find — it will not be on major news networks, or Fox news. If that’s all we saw we might think the world was completely falling down and hopeless.

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