I want an answer from Catholics.


Okay, I usually don’t pick out any one group of people or faith to pick on, but I am so tired of the Catholic Church covering up the sexual abuse of children in their churches. I honestly hope that I can get some Catholics to respond to this post because I want to genuinely understand how you continue to worship at a place that allows children to be molested, and then allows the perpetrators to go free without accountability or punishment. There are plenty of other Christian denominations you can choose to exercise your faith – why do you continue to support a religion that actively and willingly abuses children and lets the pedophiles [priests] get away with it?

Honestly, I wouldn’t even care so much if the Catholic church wasn’t behind every effort of mankind to move forward with science, humanity, and the eradication of poverty in the world, but they don’t. They honestly don’t do anything positive for our society – and throughout history, they have been the driving force behind mass executions, torture, hoarding of wealth, and child endangerment. Then at the same time that they are responsible for all these atrocities to humankind in the name of God, they spend millions of dollars opposing MY right to live my life, while they diddle alter boys. They say that I am the sexual deviant, but I can honestly say that every child molester I have been aware of – I have reported them to the police. Including my devout Catholic abuser who killed himself rather than face charges.

What is it about Catholic Priests that make them so untouchable? How can an organization of ANY kind regardless of faith allow such atrocities to continue? How is that you tithe to a church that uses your money to shield pedophiles from the law? Honestly, how do you live with yourself? Catholic parents – WHY do you allow your male children to be alter boys when the statistics of molestation against them has hit almost every parish in existence? Shame on you. Shame on you for not demanding change. Shame on you for putting your children in danger. Would you let a registered sex offender babysit your child? No? Then why do you let them be alter boys? Tradition? A tradition of abuse if you ask me. I guarantee if I was a catholic and had children, they wouldn’t be allowed to be alone with a priest EVER. Maybe simply doing away with alter boys altogether would make a dent in the abuse trend, but silly Catholic parents keep sending their children to be abused.

I am not saying that every priest is a pedophile. I will say however, that more and more of them are proving to be criminals, and the “faithful” say nothing. You are willing to protect a few in that name of your faith, while sitting there eating the blood and body of Christ and confessing your sins – what about the men to whom you are confessing? Just because they have a collar around their neck does not make them less human. It does not eradicate sexual desire. Priests resort to children because they can exert control over them while still expressing their sexuality – not that they are gay, but that they are MEN with sexual desires. To deny ones sexuality leads to all kinds of problems – just ask all the folks who have gone through ex-gay therapy. How do Catholic followers continue to allow such deviance? I would rather have a gay priest than a pedophile priest. I would rather allow these men to have families then to allow them to molest my children. Why is it that every single Catholic does not rise up against this and take back your faith from these monsters?

I place the responsibility on those of you who tithe and attend, not the priests themselves because YOU are the ones who allow this to continue. Stop tithing and see how many parishes change their tune. You have the power to change it, I don’t, our government doesn’t. law enforcement can’t seem to touch these “holy” men. Instead of giving your 10% to protect the wicked, why don’t you donate that 10% to the homeless, or better yet, sexual abuse survivor groups? God will see your tithe and honor it – do you think God approves of you donating to child abusers and law breakers?

I’ll stop now. Just to let you know what got me on this rant: Timothy Dolan shielded pedophile priests. I do really want to hear from Catholics. Why do you continue to support this corrupt and evil organization when time after time it is proven that they hide, shield, and ignore sexual abuse? Is it because you think it can’t be YOUR priest? Is that why you let your sons serve under them? Why aren’t you demanding answers from your leaders? Why do you continue to fund the cover up? If this was ANY other organization you would be freaking out. You spend your money and time fighting against my right for CONSENSUAL ADULT relationships, yet you allow your faith leaders to ruin your children. It is time for you all [the faithful] to either take back your church or leave it. Stop allowing sexual abuse in the priesthood. If you don’t tolerate it, and stop supporting it, they WILL change it.

20 thoughts on “I want an answer from Catholics.

  1. Very well written post. I am very interested to see if you get some commentary back from any Catholics on this horrible, sickening issue. Well done for bringing up this topic, and writing about it openly.

    • I don’t often ask for shares, but share it as much as you can. Obviously many of my regular readers probably agree with me – at least on some level. I want this one to reach as many as possible just to see if anyone will respond with an explanation of why they allow this to continue.

      • I have only gotten one response so far and this was it:

        “The FACT is that there are FEWER cases per capita of pedophilia in the Catholic Church than in any other institution of comparable size, so stop spreading lies and instead work towards solving the general societal problem.”
        Like · 9 minutes ago

        This was my response:

        I am not spreading lies, and it shouldn’t matter how large the organization is. That is a pretty lame excuse to allow children to be raped. Good job.
        Like · 8 minutes ago

        Also where are you getting your facts from? What other organization is comparable in size WORLDWIDE than the Catholic church?

  2. I appreciate your venting on this issue in Catholic life. The new pope is doing some things that may breath some life into the distorted dinosaur that Roman Catholicism had become. So far, he has not addressed the pedophile issue at all.

    • While I will admit his likability is greater than the last fossil that held the office – the new Pope is still harboring criminals, forcing women to have children they can’t afford (so priests have someone to play with I guess), and they still actively discriminate against anyone who disagrees with them.

      Today is probably not the day for me to have this conversation though since I am reacting with anger and disgust rather than a logical mind – but I no longer care to be quiet about it and no one else should either.

      • My latent computer genius may allow me to begin a reply back. My attempts so far have failed. I had thought the Roman Catholic Church was fossilized beyond repair. The new pope, while not dealing with a ‘lot’ has been a breath of fresh air — about poverty, privilege, internationalist tendencies, young people etc.

  3. A couple of reactions. First, the problem appears to be based on a certain generation of priests where the seminaries failed to test the psychological ability of men to commit to celibate lives, etc. There are many wonderful religious in the RC Church that are as appalled by the matter and the failure of the Church to deal with the history of abuse in an honest manner. The faithful are very concerned about the matter and are very upset at how badly the Bishop’s and USCCB have handled it, including Tim Dolan who should be forced to resign given recent revelations.

    • Stephen thank you for your comment, and I do realize there are good priests out there. It is just that this issue is SO RAMPANT that I don’t understand how followers don’t demand action. I don’t understand the excuses. There is no reason to tolerate it. If every Catholic walked out of mass together and refused to attend again until the Pope did something about this issue – then I would keep my mouth shut. Until then – SOMEONE needs to speak for the kids, and if it has to be a childless, lesbian, liberal, agnostic writer then so be it.

  4. I will never understand why the Catholic Church hasn’t done everything they can to come out against this tragedy, especially with the decline in its parishioners it’s been facing over the years.

    Should you ever have the time, and the stomach to watch it, I suggest you check out http://www.jigsawprods.com/mea-maxima-culpa/. It’s heartbreaking to watch but I also find it a most necessary story that needs to be told and heard :0/

  5. Some citations: http://forum.chnetwork.org/index.php?topic=2571.0;wap2

    I think it is worth noting that most of the exposure of pedophilia in the Catholic Church has come from members of the Catholic CHurch who went to the media or police after being unable to get satisfactory action from the church. When there is evidence that other christian churches have as big a problem (see link above), the media noise about the Catholi Church and associated silence about abuse in other churches suggests that Catholics are actually more likely to speak out.

    Which in no way changes the fact that the way the Catholic CHurch is ‘handling’ their pedophiles is utterly disgusting and unforgivable.

    (Note: I was raised Catholic but left the church several years before the pedophile priests became major news. I couldn’t stand the church’s stance on a wide variety of issues.)

    • Jessica, thank you for your comment and for reading my post. I do understand that the majority of Catholics are just as upset about this situation as I am. Honestly, if not for Catholics coming forward – the rest of us would never know how far spread this issue is! Also, I have written a little about my own experience in a Baptist church where our youth leader was having sex with underage girls and how much media attention that got (none), so I know it isn’t JUST the Catholics. It is any people in a position of authority, where their authority isn’t questioned AND they are allowed access to children with the premise that they are clergy and would NEVER commit such atrocities.

      This post was directed where it was because of the article I read. However, I do believe that if every church going Catholic who is tired of this, stopped attending and tithing and expressed thier reasons why on a global scale – we would see some solutions instead of cover-ups.

  6. You might want to check this out, http://topdocumentaryfilms.com/deliver-us-from-evil/ especially the comments. It’s an extremely difficult film to watch. One of the main issues with dealing with the Catholic Church is that they are a totalitarian institution with their own country. The Pope is both the Head of the Church, as well as the King of Vatican City. The Catholic Church is a Theocracy. You might be interested in checking out 2 documents: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/De_delictis_gravioribus & https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Crimen_Sollicitationis as well as Joseph Ratzinger (Previous to his post as Pope Benedict XVI)
    Wikipedia, is of course, a starting point for research.
    As a Theocracy, we are dealing with Canon Law. There is an entire internal structure for dealing with sexual abuse, and frankly, the Holy See does it’s best to keep it that way. Complaints by the Congregation of abuse are judged within the Church Structure. There is a very specific apparatus inside the Church for this very type of complaint. Even if members of the Congregation go to the police, I’m not sure if jurisdictional issues occur. To really delve into this issue, it’s important to understand the way the political structure of the Catholic Church operates. And to be honest, it’s scary. The Catholic Church is an immensely powerful force to be reckoned with. Thank you for raising this issue. I hope some of my comments shed some light on what is happening here. Peace, love, hope, xx

    • I hear ya, and I am familiar with how the Catholic church operates, but their own country, theocracy, all mighty man in a pointy hat…etc. doesn’t matter if they don’t have followers.

      My call is for every Catholic who is against sexual abuse sanctioned by the church, to pick a day and walk out and swear to never return or tithe to any Catholic organization until they address the issue with more than excuses and pay off money. Until that happens, there will be no change.

      Personally, I don’t think most Catholics care enough to do that – until of course their own kids are molested and even then, it’s questionable. THAT is a problem.

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