I want to start a nationwide protest

Egypt Revolution

They say that change starts with one person. The fact that my favorite holiday of the year – Independence Day – held little to no meaning for me this year just added to my desire to do something. Now I don’t have money to start any kind of movement – but I do have my body and I do have time.

I really was serious about planting myself down on the capitol building steps and “advertising” my personal situation and how the government has systematically made my life into this sedentary, broke, unemployed, and desperate disdain for our current government. I figure if I can get even a few supporters, and possibly one news team to cover it, I think I could get people to join me. Even if there are only ten of us. I think that if every unemployed person, or people who made the decision to take out student loans and now have no chance of repaying them (even with decent jobs) started to complain where they can see and hear us everyday, maybe the movement would grow into something they can’t ignore – especially when it greets them when they come to work a couple of days a year. If every woman joined in and demanded the government outlaw restrictive reproductive rights, or if every person who will be denied voting rights in the next election took even one day to show up – I think we could start something.

I am moved and motivated by the Egyptian people who fought for democracy – but like us, put the wrong guy in office. Unlike us, instead of tolerating that wrong guy and waiting for him to destroy the democracy they wanted – they demanded change and they won it. It isn’t easy for sure – they have a long road ahead, but the difference between us and them? They have the desire and the sheer will power to do it – at any cost. They will eventually figure it out and get it right, because the people will demand it; like we did during the birth of our democracy.

We talk about fighting for freedom, yet our freedoms are being systematically stripped from us. Our government is concerned with creating drone workers and drone citizens who no longer think for themselves, who vote against their own interests, and when government corruption rears it’s head we complain on Facebook, and I complain on here. Bitching about things isn’t doing anything and I am tired of empty rhetoric, even if it comes from my own fingertips.

Stephanie thinks I should just continue to write, and I will – but out of the now 700+ followers of this blog, I average about 40 views of my posts a day and while I love you all, I don’t think that this blog will manage to create change. Don’t get me wrong, I love those who support me and often agree with me, but I just feel that something more needs to be done and even if I try and fail, at least I tried SOMETHING.

Congress comes back to work on the 9th. I want to greet them as they show up to do nothing and get paid for it. I don’t think anyone has managed to influence change from their home behind the safety of a computer screen. Could you just imagine if every person who was unemployed or just had their quality of life decimated by double student loan rates; or women (any woman) who wants the government and these backwards politicians dictating our reproductive and health choices, or how about all the minorities in the country who will have a much harder time voting and having their vote count… Honestly, the only people who shouldn’t join me on the Capitol Steps are government officials, and rich white men. Everyone else has a stake in changing our government.

I fought for this country, and I will continue to do so. I am pretty sure I have made up my mind to DO something. I will be that one person, and I can only hope people will support me.

The agenda – unlike the Occupy Movement will be one of drastic reform, firing every sitting congress and senate person (even the ones I like) and starting over. No districts – a special election to refill those seats. Some would be easily re-elected, but we could easily get rid of the obstructionists. I want to see term limits in congress, the senate, and the supreme court. No more lifetime appointments for ANY government position. Also, when these public servants have finished their terms, they go back to being normal citizens – no lifetime healthcare for them, no bonuses, no super awesome retirement plan that they don’t have to pay for. Congress will no longer be able to be exempt from any law, bill, or rule that does not effect them as well. Anyone caught accepting money from lobbyists will be removed from office immediately. If there is a bill on the floor about the budget – you don’t get to stick an abortion bill with it. Each bill presented should be straightforward and touch only one issue – unless these issues are related to one another. We need to update our legal language for these processes so the American people can be aware of what is going on, what these bills mean, and how they will influence American life. Corporations are not people, and cannot donate to campaigns. All campaigns will have set spending limits – anyone going over those limits will be disqualified. Any American should be able to run for public office, and money should not disallow them from doing that.

Yeah. A lot needs to change, and if we fight it one issue at a time – the people versus money and corporations, things will only get worse as we lose the American dream of opportunity and equal access to success. I can’t beat the Koch brothers – but if we eliminate, cap, and monitor the money going in, versus the polices coming out – we can change it. It is just going to take consequences for these officials. They can do what they want – because in all reality the bully answer of “What are you going to do about it?” seems to win over the answer of, “I am not going to tolerate it!”

Maybe I am crazy – but it wouldn’t be the first time I have been called that. Even if nothing comes of it, I will at least be able to say I tried. Which is more than I can say right now.



10 thoughts on “I want to start a nationwide protest

  1. I would amend your point about “the only people who shouldn’t join me on the Capitol Steps are government officials, and rich white men.”

    That last part is actually kinda racist when you think about it. Sexist, too. Every member of Congress is rich, not just the white ones, and not just the males.

    Money doesn’t preclude us from running for office, our own apathy does. I recently filed the paperwork to run for Mayor of Baltimore City. I’ve got three years to campaign. Three years to reach people and try to get them to care. I have a plan for this. The main part of my plan is jobs creation.

    As for the rest of your post, I agree. You have some valid points. What will you do?

    • I do agree that I was not too inclusive, but personally, I feel more people are disenfranchised by rich white men than any other group in our country. Is it fair to all white men? probably not. I could have chosen my words better and thank you for pointing that out.

      I honestly don’t know what I will do. I haven’t gotten much farther than an idea. I don’t want to elected people in pieces anymore. We have seen what we get when we have a politician that “makes it” and wants to create change in our nation, and we see that even though within congress can’t influence change.

      My campaign isn’t one person at a time. One corrupt politician at a time. I want a complete overhaul – and I will be the first to admit that I have no clue how to really do that.

    • Thanks for that. I kind of needed it today. I just feel like I could do more if I was brave enough to do it. It is going to take a nation of people willing to do more and I kind of don’t care if I am alone in my fight anymore. I don’t think I would be alone on those steps for very long.

  2. I’m with you 110% on EVERYTHING that you put into this blog! It’s like you took my thoughts directly from my brain. I turned my personal Facebook page into a blog, and I’ve been complaining about EXACTLY EVERYTHING that you here posted here in your blog on my Facebook page for a very long time.

    Currently, my idea of starting a revolution is a peaceful one. My idea involves trying to convince a great American hero, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, to run for President on an Independent ticket, along with Elizabeth Warren as his running mate. I truly believe that the only way that We The People of the United States will EVER have a voice in the government of the United States again is if we kick both the Democrats AND the Republicans out of the White House. In my opinion, We The People of the United States need an Independent People’s Party in the White House NOW!

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