Facebook games are evil

Candy Crush Rehab

Okay, I have been all serious lately and I am managing to depress myself, so I will focus today on the stupid evil addicting time wasters otherwise known as Facebook games. I always swear I will NEVER play them again. I have been hooked on Farmville, Mafia Wars, some hidden object game, a stupid fish tank thing, that one cafe game, Farmville 2, and now the most evil of them all – Candy Crush Saga.

Seriously, I don’t know what is wrong with me. I KNOW that in order to progress they will basically make it impossible unless I spend money. Back when I had a job, I am ashamed to admit how much money these people have received from me. Now though, I am addicted to Candy Crush and I have no dollars for things that go boom. It makes me sad and angry that I even started playing it in the first place. I really do have to just laugh at myself though. These people KNOW me (and apparently every other person who gets sucked into these things). I’m really only blogging right now because I am out of lives. It’s sad.

What is really sad is that I have an Xbox 360, and I have games to play that will be free to waste my time. I get all the chances I want, and if I get stuck or bored I can put in a new game that is also free. But nooooo, I have to play Candy Crush Saga. I have a game Stephanie got me for Christmas, I haven’t even unwrapped it. I have PC games too. We have board games even – remember those? You can play as much as you want and you don’t have to pay for it. You can even WIN. Facebook games just go on forever and ever and ever getting harder and faster until your bank account is empty and you are explaining to your landlord that in order to get past the Unicorn missing his horn you had to spend the rent money. The really sad part – your landlord will understand because they are just as addicted as you are.

I am not a serious gamer, but I do enjoy games – it is part of why I like poker so much. At least with poker you have a chance at actually winning something for your hard earned cash. What do I get from Candy Crush? Nothing but a crying bunny and gray hair. I like to play games like Assassin’s Creed and Fable (all of them) – I rarely finish them. I got hooked on Shadow Complex and actually beat that one. For the most part though, I like games where I can just play for a while and can quit whenever I want. Some days I play for hours, others it’s a few minutes when I’m bored.

You see, the difference with Facebook games versus all the other games, and what they are preying on is the fact that they know we are sitting here checking our news feed every two minutes and we need something to do until someone posts something interesting. In the meantime, “Come play this super easy fun free game!” Yeah. Super easy and fun until you want to (HAVE TO) get to the next level. Then the next. Ohhh…good times. Then bam! They hit you with that one level that you will never ever ever get past unless you give them a dollar (or 50). It’s a trap. I KNOW it’s a trap. I wonder how much time has passed since I started writing this. I may have about 2 lives by now…

The other thing that bothers me is the simplicity of the games. Match three like colors. Who can’t do that? WHY didn’t I think of this money pit? I am resisting every urge in me not to start playing Pyramid Solitaire Saga. I LOVE Pyramid Solitaire. There are free solitaire games, and yet I stare at the Saga game using every ounce of will power I posses to not click on it and start playing. I think I could quit smoking easier. They have a Pet Saga game too, who can resist NOT saving cute little animals? WHO? No one that’s who. They will get you eventually with one of them. Go ahead, deny it. I have.

Stephanie has actually managed to break away from the Facebook game addiction. Her Farm used to be AWESOME – now it just sits out there all lonely and ignored. Good for her I say! She is the only person I have heard of that successfully quit and didn’t start a new one. Sometimes I send her invites because I NEED something. She ignores me. I love her.

So here is your chance. Admit it. In the comments, list your nasty little Facebook addiction. Go ahead. I won’t judge you.Β 



17 thoughts on “Facebook games are evil

  1. I can so relate! I will play the games – for a while. I got roped in to spending money once so never again. I play a game until I’m really, really stuck, then drop it and go to another one. One exception is Words with Friends that I play with my sons and a grandson, and sometimes with other people.

    • Words with Friends doesn’t count. That one is actually free. I do the same thing as you though, I play until I can’t anymore without money and move on to the next. I will admit though; if I had money I would spend it all on color bombs and fishes. I am a sad excuse for a fiscally responsible person. πŸ™‚

  2. This is why I call it Candy Crack! OMG it’s the only Facebook game I am literally addicted to. I’ve quit Farmville (I still gift people if they ask), and I thought I was addicted to that…no way. Don’t do the Pyramid Solitaire Saga. It’s fun in the beginning, then it just aggravated me enough to quit. Same with Solitaire Blitz, easy to quit. I really need that rehab center for Candy Crack…I’ll wait until winter though, hopefully it’s someplace warm. πŸ™‚

    • Yeah, I am resisting any other games until I am unable to move further in stupid Candy Crush (crack). Then I will take a break again until my news feed is full of “the next best thing” when I will try a new one. πŸ™‚

  3. I am feeling quite out of it. I kept getting invitations from Friends to play Candy Crush Saga, and then some others. I tried a time or too but didn’t like it. Just a little, I thought something was wrong with me. As I read your post today, I think about how I’ve been hearing about this and it seems to be semi-contagious. At this point I feel at ease unhooked. πŸ™‚

    • Like I tell young kids – the thing I regret most is starting smoking. The next thing would have to be Facebook games (okay it’s not THAT bad).

      Resist the peer pressure!!! πŸ™‚

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